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    Northridge beats preble by 20 tonight. First time seeing Northridge play. Even though I’m a northridge grad I’m not impressed with this team. Great defense as usual every year but there’s not one true scorer on the team. Their 6 foot 6 big man has butter fingers and uncoordinated. Gonna be an...
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    Are you sure the website says Northridge won 47 to 38
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    Players with 25+ points in a game

    Northridge polar bears senior 5 foot 10 guard 33 points, 7 rb, and 7 steals in a 64-46 win over Ben Logan
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    Northridge has won their first two games. They have a 6 foot 6 200 pound junior who has dominated on the boards and their guard had 33 points 7 rebounds and 7 steals. Don’t count them out in the division just yet.
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    Northridge 64 ben Logan 46 Northridge started out fast 25-3 at the end of the first quarter and 40-17 at halftime.
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    They usually do every year lol. Never count them out with the great successful coach they have. They were one game from final four in state last year. But I think Northridge loves proving everyone wrong. They always have elite defensive teams every year.
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    Northridge Polar Bears 2017/18 Season

    Anyone know how northridge did in Portsmouth tourney this weekend?
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    NorthrIdge/Anna sectional championship

    Very good game tonight. NorthrIdge played very well against a much much taller Anna team. Anna had many offensive rebounds but NorthrIdge pulled it together and came out with a 56-51 win. The refs were absolutely horrendous and one sided. But I'm glad NorthrIdge advances
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    NorthrIdge bears

    For most of the season I thought NorthrIdge was going to make it far in the tournament but the last few games of the season and even against Milton Union even though they beat them pretty badly I haven't seen a championship caliber team at all. I think Roger bacon as much as I hate to say it...
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    D3 district finals rematch NorthrIdge/Roger Bacon

    If everything goes good for both teams there will be a rematch of last years district championship game between NorthrIdge and bacon. Will it be the same outcome or will bacon get revenge?
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    Even though NorthrIdge has started off good so far 3-0 they need to put up better first halfs. Their defense is absolutely amazing. They are well conditioned and on of their gaurds had at least 15-20 steals last night against Milton Union. No exaggeration. But their offense has started off slow...
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    NorthrIdge vs thurgood Marshall scrimmage

    Did anyone watch the scrimmage and if so what was the score and who were the standouts?
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    Flyin to the hoop

    How does this tourney work? I've never been. Is it like other tourneys where if you win you keep playing until you get to the championship or is it just one game per team.
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    Pretty awesome NorthrIdge polar bears got invited to the flyin to hoop tourney this year. Definitely deserve it after last year and they return 3 of 5 starters with a talented jv team last year. Should be another 16-20 win season. Anybody think they have a chance to win a game at the tourney?
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    Northridge vs. Meadowdale Score

    what was the score to the ridge vs. dale game? dayton daily news new thing that they have sucks balls and you can never see the scores