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    Excess Deaths

    Thanks. Also from the CDC website: This might explain the 90K+ difference between covid deaths and excess deaths.
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    Excess Deaths

    Where are you getting these numbers? Does it breakdown numbers by expected suicides, expected heart attacks, etc? Thanks.
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    Shutdown on the way?

    I'm a trust but verify kinda guy. What town?
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    2020 Presidential Race

    Just for (S and G)'s, mathematically, a candidate could lose by 54 points in the popular vote and still be elected President. Theoretical, of course. Wow, those founder fathers took the issue of state's rights seriously.
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    VP Debate Predictions and Commentary

    Do you think either Trump or Biden survives the next 4 years? I'm not sure either does.
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    To all you yappi veterans....

    hometeam? or something like that
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    Northmont 18 Springfield 1

    I supported a team a few years ago that frankly wasn't any good. In league play, they lost 10-0, with the 25 minutes of keep away. in tournament play, they lost 9-0, where the opposing coach started pulling players until it was 9v11. The referees were aware of the situation, as was our coach...
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    A Judge Asked Harvard to Find Out Why So Many Black People Were In Prison

    Something else that is missing is legal representation. What percentage of defendants by race were represented by public defenders as opposed to personal paid representation?
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    Bill Barr and Donald Trump both said you can vote twice yesterday.

    You mean you can actually vote twice and not go to prison? I thought voting twice was a felony?
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    Bill Barr and Donald Trump both said you can vote twice yesterday.

    did you listen to his comment on voting? If you didn't you probably should. If you did, then this is an outright lie. He said vote absentee and then go to the polls and vote in case your absentee vote wasn't tabulated.
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    Blake Shooting

    So the situation is relevant? What if he had a gun in his pants and he reached for it, after ignoring multiple commands to not do it? Could they shoot him in the back then? Or would that be cowardly? What if they shot him from the front while he reached into the car, after ignoring...
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    Disdain for the Less Educated Is the Last Acceptable Prejudice

    Reading the comments makes me think that there are plenty of readers of the NYT that still don't get it.
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    Blake Shooting

    Oh, I get it now. If there is an active shooter the police are obligated to move around to his front so that they do not shoot him in the back. Otherwise they are cowards, because they shot him in the back. The situation isn't relevant. Now I understand. My bad.
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    Blake Shooting

    They did not shoot him in the back as he walked to his car. He was shot because he started to reach into his car. The officers do not know what he is reaching for. At that time the suspect's back was the target presented to the officer who shot him. One police officer did not shoot because...