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    GCL Co-Ed 2020-21

    Kocisko. But you are correct. Would have been the #2 this season. Fortunately Seeman played a full year this year.
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    Will we get to 4 divisions

    Same. Except my son and daughter run for a "D2" school.
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    Fenwick Football Coaching Search Thread

    I agree. They have a big talent gap. Hopefully they have patience with the new staff.
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    Walnut Hills 2021

    Cargile has been dismissed.
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    2021 Pittsburgh Steelers

    I agree 100%. Unfortunately Ben has all of the leverage because of his contract. He knows his time is up in 2 years. No chance he walks away from all that money (nor should he). Having said that, I think Ben, at this stage in his career, will be more accommodating if the Steelers decide to draft...
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    Ohio State vs Clemson (1/1) 8PM

    Unfortunately, the IU game happened, and I have zero faith the secondary can do anything to stop Clemson.
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    Moving on to watching Peyton.......

    1000% false
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    Ohio HS Scoring Record In 1993...Combined Team Totals Of 252 Points

    To the best of your abilities (and I have no clue who these schools are), how did it go to 7 OTs?
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    How much election fraud is tolerable?

    Good Lord, you people are morons. And by that, I mean the lowest common denominator.
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    16 Team per Region Playoffs

    They are doing the right thing. They're taking the pulse of schools that are more likely top 4. So hey guys, want a breather and a bye or a cup cake? Its a question worth asking. Yes, 1-4 v 13-16 will be a disaster.
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    16 Team per Region Playoffs

    That is my assumption. It just eliminates the bye games for the top 4 seeds during week 11.
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    16 Team per Region Playoffs

    "The OHSAA sent a survey to football member schools today with one of the questions asking if the postseason should expand from 12 to 16 qualifying teams in each region. From the survey: As you know, the OHSAA Board of Directors approved an expansion to 12 teams from each region qualifying for...