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    This is how Trump will be President

    Disgustingly stupid people on here
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    Will the 2021 season be back to the old norm?

    This thread is tame compared to the debate forum lol
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    Gi'Bran Payne to Lakota West

    The diploma from St. X matters when you are a non-athlete and looking to get in one of the more of the selective colleges. This is a fact and is undisputable. The diploma does not matter when you are a D1 football recruit. No catholic school is going to change the 4 years of religion...
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    Roger Bacon, what gives?

    Fact. I saw him play. Much different kid now to his credit. He was older than most everyone and had a lot of personal fouls.
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    Good News Coming Out of the 2020 Election

    You are an clown. “Donald Trump is going to be our president,” she said, speaking at the New Yorker hotel in Manhattan. “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.”
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    Shutdown on the way?

    Pick a sport and post in said forum. This side-o-things is a cesspool of the absolute lowest common denominator.
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    Alter vs Badin

    How many yards did McDonald have?
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    Saturday Updates - 10/31

    Massie 31 Waverly 28. FG final play.
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    Alter vs Badin

    Badin's d line is stout. Cant ask them to do much more when they are always on the field. That's just the Alter formula. Their D also dominates but then Alter puts together a double digit run only clock eating drive and its game over.
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    ST X or Lakota West?

    Feel bad for that safety. He knew it.
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    ST X or Lakota West?

    see if this works
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    ST X or Lakota West?

    Saw a better clip on facebook. Clifford on the inside and the safety hesitated on his break to the corner. The Fox 19 clip made it seem like he beat the corner.
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    ST X or Lakota West?

    Saw a clip of the final TD. Was there a breakdown in coverage? The clip shows the QB staring down Clifford for about 4-5 seconds and then Clifford is standing in the end zone waiting on the ball in the corner. Did he come across the field or from the slot?