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    The "Official" Colerain Cardinals Game Thread: Week 1 vs. Lakota West Firebirds ** Homecoming Edition **

    I felt like Colerain had their smallest offensive line I have ever seen. Maybe it was West was huge, not sure. Freddy Johnson has the leadership factor and can hit the home run with a seam, he needs to be their guy and their offense will be fine. Remember last year how creative the Colerain...
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    Moeller Football

    Not to pile on... but Milford has scored 88 playoff points to Moeller's 0 since 2014 lol. Go Big Moe, beat those Canadians and backdoor your way into a playoff spot!
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    What Was The Best Game of the Decade?

    The year Loveland won the D2 state championship, their regional championship game at Lockland Stadium, Mt Healthy had a big lead, maybe 21 points and Loveland stormed back to win it by 7. David Montgomery from Mt Healthy was u stoppable and had he not left with injury, Mt Healthy definitely...
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    OHSAA state tournament

    Whether or not they are played this year, why would this be scheduled in Akron? There cant be that much attendance for high school baseball that it could be played somewhere near Columbus? I get it has to be bid on and hard to get volunteers that time of year, but is Akron really the only...
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    Regional games being streamed tonight and this week please post here!

    Do I need Spectrum to watch in tonight?
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    Cincinnati D-1 Sectional

    Went to see Turpin v Elder. $7 was the biggest bargain in entertainment. Two great teams all the way to OT. Whoever #1 is for Turpin, I dont know WTF Lakota East will do to stop that guy, he was unbelievable. No idea if he is a senior or is playing at the next level but I cant see anyone...
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    Cincinnati D-1 Sectional

    Does West Clermont have any chance? I haven't seen a game outside the GMC this year.
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    Middletown basketball... historically they have had some great basketball players, and some great football players playing basketball, and had lots of postseason success. It doesnt seem like too long ago they played Fairfield for a regional final. It does though seem like not long ago keeps...
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    Middletown MLK Classic

    How good is Middletown going to be this year?
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    Division I State Semifinal: Elder (11-2) vs. Springfield (12-1)

    I went to Springfield vs Fairfield in week 1. When i watched Springfield I saw a team very capable of winning it all if they improved each week like the great teams do. You could see the potential of them even though they didnt win. If they play excellent pass defense they will give themselves a...
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    Division I State Semifinal: Mentor (13-0) vs. Pickerington Central (12-1)

    Wow, i don't think anyone chokes in a state final or semifinal, the teams are just so good. Like when I thought Colerain was so doninant last year, and they got beat, St Eds just did a wonderful job of stopping the option and Colerain didnt hit a few big passes deep like they usually do. Like...
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    Roll Call of Basketball Fans

    Im going to root for West Carrollton. Seems like their football and basketball has struggled for decades. When I had to find a new NFL team after 28 years of ineptitude by Mike Brown, I chose the Redskins as they are almost as dysfunctional and i wouldnt have to go through much change. So im...
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    Middletown - question about their coach? Didnt he win D2 state titles before? I dont really follow basketball like i do football so just curious, or maybe they changed coaches and I didnt hear about it?
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    2019 Ohio High School Football Broadcast Schedule (Week 14 - Playoffs)

    will the Mentor game be available live on for $10?
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    Division I State Semifinal: Mentor (13-0) vs. Pickerington Central (12-1)

    When the old Crosstown Showdown at UC used to have 4 games, with the large D1 teams, I remember Pickerington Central coming down to play Elder and Colerain. Is their same coach there who coached those teams? They were always really good and I always assumed either them or Hilliard Davidson...