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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    Middletown basketball... historically they have had some great basketball players, and some great football players playing basketball, and had lots of postseason success. It doesnt seem like too long ago they played Fairfield for a regional final. It does though seem like not long ago keeps...
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    Middletown MLK Classic

    How good is Middletown going to be this year?
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    Division I State Semifinal: Elder (11-2) vs. Springfield (12-1)

    I went to Springfield vs Fairfield in week 1. When i watched Springfield I saw a team very capable of winning it all if they improved each week like the great teams do. You could see the potential of them even though they didnt win. If they play excellent pass defense they will give themselves a...
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    Division I State Semifinal: Mentor (13-0) vs. Pickerington Central (12-1)

    Wow, i don't think anyone chokes in a state final or semifinal, the teams are just so good. Like when I thought Colerain was so doninant last year, and they got beat, St Eds just did a wonderful job of stopping the option and Colerain didnt hit a few big passes deep like they usually do. Like...
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    Roll Call of Basketball Fans

    Im going to root for West Carrollton. Seems like their football and basketball has struggled for decades. When I had to find a new NFL team after 28 years of ineptitude by Mike Brown, I chose the Redskins as they are almost as dysfunctional and i wouldnt have to go through much change. So im...
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    Middletown - question about their coach? Didnt he win D2 state titles before? I dont really follow basketball like i do football so just curious, or maybe they changed coaches and I didnt hear about it?
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    2019 Ohio High School Football Broadcast Schedule (Week 14 - Playoffs)

    will the Mentor game be available live on for $10?
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    Division I State Semifinal: Mentor (13-0) vs. Pickerington Central (12-1)

    When the old Crosstown Showdown at UC used to have 4 games, with the large D1 teams, I remember Pickerington Central coming down to play Elder and Colerain. Is their same coach there who coached those teams? They were always really good and I always assumed either them or Hilliard Davidson...
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    Division I - Region 4 Championship: Colerain (11-1) vs. Elder (10-2)

    I think both coaches and teams did great. In great games like this unfortunately someone has to lose. Depth may finally have caught up to Colerain. I think both teams proved people wrong and Elder has a real chance to keep winning.
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    Division I - Region 4 Championship: Colerain (11-1) vs. Elder (10-2)

    These new Colerain coaches are pretty awesomex love what theure doing on offense. A little Power I, mixing it up, misdirection, its so refreshing seeing coaches not be so stubborn to their system, stifling innovation, and not thinking kids can do more than 1 system/set really well. I know its...
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    2019 GMC Football

    I am not in the camp that Elder is going to cruise Friday. This is the BEST offensive coordinator Colerain has ever had. Really hurts losing their star running back who also played D but they are so much harder to defend now than in week 13s of years past. And the defense, while small and maybe...
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    Does Colerain have a chance to run deep into playoffs without Tom Bolden at the helm?

    Colerain had a really nice touchdown pass in the first half to take the lead. And that Fairfield D was top of the GCL good, as was the Fairfield running game. Elder is going to see the fastest D they've seen all year. Not a Colerain fan, but what I saw last night was Fairfield getting 4 and 5...
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    2019 GMC Football

    Forgot about that Fairfield team who went to the Pit and had a very real chance to win due to having a real passing game. Just think if this years Fairfield team had the same passing plays in the playbook. Sycamore almost made a final 4 as well with Bonnet at running back, but again that team...
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    OHSAA - Enough with Mason!

    What is better between Princeton and Mason? Serious question too, I think they are both awesome places, plenty of parking and seating. Princeton is a little closer to the 2 west side teams in the regional finals, seems like two great options
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    2019 GMC Football

    Thank you! Nobody else agrees with me But whatx historically, do these teams have in common: Wayne, Moeller, Elder, St X, Pick Central have? They all usually have a QB who is very capable of passing for 150-200+ yards in a game if he has to. Tonight, Colerain absolutely was not going to...