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    State Poll #2

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    State Poll #2

    I continue to be disturbed by whoever is voting on these state polls....horrible. The MOST ACCURATE, CORRECT STATE TOP TENS are here.....
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    State poll after 2 weeks

    As usual, the 'official state top 15' is hilarious and such a joke. The REAL MOST ACCURATEPOLL IS COMING IN A FEW DAYS.
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    UC Woman’s Soccer Fall Season

    BIG TEN making announcement today...if they suspend all Fall sports, the entire country will follow the same STUPID OVERREACTION. So ridiculous.
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    SO MUCH incorrect, left obsessed 4am talking points in this insane post. SHUT DOWNS CAUSED MORE HARM THAN HELP. Its like a doctor telling you "you have cancer. Stay home for 14 days, then we can re-evaluate." COMPLETE INSANITY. Give every kid HCQ and let them play-there would be ZERO NEW CASES...
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    JUST STOP!!! Ya'll know there is not ONE documented case WORLDWIDE of a student giving a teacher COVID, right? (so don't bother with your 'Sally might bring home COVID to Granny' nonsense). Ya'll also know that 99% of HS age kids don't even KNOW they have COVID since they are A-symptomatic...
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    Top 10 Girl Soccer Players for 2020

    SALLY COVID is the only player that matters this fall, since HS SOCCER will NOT OCCUR.
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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

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    OHSAA and potential FALL SOCCER changes....

    Show link = Interview with OHSAA Board President and thoughts on recent events, plus much more.
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    OHSAA and potential FALL SOCCER changes....

    …..will be covered on todays LIVE Jed the Fish Show at 3pm. Text/messaging available during show - should be a complete train wreck! SPREAKER.COM= Search THE JED THE FISH SHOW.
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    The Jed the Fish show - summer edition!

    With all the OHSAA rumors and changes, an ALL SOCCER, ALL NEW JED THE FISH SHOW dropping Wednesday July 8th!
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    The Jed the Fish show - summer edition!
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    Serious question #2

    No. There is ZERO cost to changing a time from noon to 2pm or 4pm. But YEP, OHSAA is filled with people finding the easiest way to get something anything done with absolutely ZERO thought process. Sorry to offend you OHSAA employee but its been the same way today OBVIOUSLY as it was when I was a...
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    State Semis

    5 out of 6 on my STATE SEMI picks- and happy that those KOOKY LBers were my one loss, as I have been a fan from afar of that program for years! PROPS KOOKies for getting to CREW Stadium!! (will ALWAYS be called CREW to me)
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    Serious question #2

    If OHSAA was concerned with promoting and the well being of their sport, they would care if they could get even ONE more fan to their games, so the 'move the needle' thing makes ZERO sense. Its all about how LAZY they are to NOT make simple scheduling changes to get more people to enjoy the...