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    There are a lot of opinions on Hebrews’ authorship and a lot of compelling reasons for and against it being Paul. But just to dogmatically assert it’s Paul when it’s universally understood to be a matter of controversy is pretty arrogant and reckless, IMO.
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    Week 13: R4 Semi - Archbishop Moeller (11-1) vs Mason (10-2) at Middletown

    Live stream didn't catch it while I was watching, was my point. One camera on the handshake line and I turned it off as players started going through it because the game was over. So I didn't see it - only read about it here. I don't doubt for a second there was some over-the-top behavior...
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    Week 13: R4 Semi - Archbishop Moeller (11-1) vs Mason (10-2) at Middletown

    I didn’t/couldn’t see any of that coach behavior stuff on the live stream, but Caster’s kids played a very disciplined game (1 penalty) but obviously it wasn’t enough. Moeller on the other hand racked up several unsportsmanlike penalties (to go along with several other penalties = 14-117 yrds)...
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    Week 13: R4 Semi - Archbishop Moeller (11-1) vs Mason (10-2) at Middletown

    Moeller 24 Mason 16 3:03 Moeller has possession
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    Jan 6th Hearings LIVE

    "Only criminals exercise their rights."
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    Senate: Tim Ryan vs J.D. Vance

    Hang on… the President would like to weigh in on this…
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    Follow the money. BLM style

    Plenty of Blacks saw through it; but it's been heavily pushed by Whites:
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    What Did You Learn New today??

    Can't believe I didn't know this BUT... If you have an iPhone and use it to take a picture of something that has text (a sign, flyer, document, etc.), the phone will recognize the text and you can copy said text from the picture . I found out by accident after I took a picture of a humorous...
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    Monday, April 4 Final Scores

    Mason 5 Fairfield 4 Fairfield was on the verge of handing Mason its first GMC loss BUT... Comets comes out on top in a late inning nail-bitter against the Fairfield Indians to take the 2 game series 5-4 Top performers: Garula - 2/3 - 3 RBI - go ahead 3 run HR in top of 7th Murphy - 2/4 - 2...
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    MLB blackouts: not exactly forward-thinking, IMO

    Advertising your product seems like a good idea, right? But owners/teams don’t seem to be concerned about drawing in more fans outside of their respective cities for the long-term, but chasing short-term dollars. Does MLB need to try to step in for the future good of the sport? I don’t know...
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    What's going on in the world

    March has been a busy month for hate hoaxes:
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    Biden's inflation stoked to 30-year high

    That's a very interesting subject (Ananias and Sapphira). It seems many Christians were going through very difficult times due to heavy persecution (Acts 4:23-36). Believers who were able sold their possessions and gave to the ones who were struggling. So in come Ananias and Sapphira who had...