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    St. Edward 2020-21

    Nice interview with Coach Urbas
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    St. Edward 2020-21

    Preview for sectionals.
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    tOSU vs IOWA & PUR

    I have been saying that for 4 years and the scarlet colored glass people will kill you for speaking the truth. 2 weeks on the Big 10 network Ryan was called and I quote " Tom is a GREAT CEO" exactly right. He can recruit with the best but get the talent out of those kids he has not and those are...
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    D1 state duals live

    I would assume to stay away from Shuemate. Not to let him see him before state finals.
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    tOSU vs IOWA & PUR

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    Dublin Coffman next year

    No question DC and Wadsworth will be the co-favorites opening up 2021-22. The rankings are only part of the story. Ed's room is loaded and it appears the incoming class will have at least 2 starters. Next years Ed's team will be VERY young and very good. Now we will see how they develope over...
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    St. Edward Basketball '20-'21

    Will be a typical 2nd game with little if anything shown by the Eagles. Flan knows good chance a 3rd game is coming. I expect a very bland game from the Eagles. Waiting on game 3. The only game that will matter.
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    St Ed's VS Akron STVM?

    Ed's won
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    State Dual results?

    Boro is correct. That should be the seeds.
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    St Edward Schedule for 2021

    SE it's not called St. Edward's?
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    St. Edward Hockey 2020-2021

    No it's far more than that. Ed's has done a great job getting kids to buy into the "program". When you are as dominate as Iggies has become over the last decade (along with some internal things) parents see a chance to play for an upcoming program and a solid coach.
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    St Edward Schedule for 2021

    Those are confirmed yes. Tough schedule.
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    State Dual results?

    St. Ed's was down 4 starters. Not sure about Wadsworth. I believe 2 were missing.
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    State Dual results?

    Oregon Clay has cancelled
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    St. Ed's vs SPG STREAM

    For those who want to pay $11 to watch Ed's vs Edison & SPG here is the link.