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    State Champs 2021 Division 2 Winton Woods
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    Division II State Championship: Archbishop Hoban (12-3) vs. Winton Woods (12-3)

    I believe he has a few but might be looking for something to play baseball also.
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    Winton Woods vs Piqua

    Thanks And Good Luck To Piqua!! Good Season!!
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    D2 Region 8

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    Week 2 Winton Woods v Lasalle

    Numbers don't lie people do!! They need too find a identity Offensively and get the O line together but it might take a couple of games. I believe it's only 2 linemen with Varsity experience.
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    Week 2 Winton Woods v Lasalle

    The elements also steady rain down pour, Cramping etc.
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    Trotwood Schedule

    I believe that they can get them over the hump as long as the kid's buy into what they're selling.
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    Trotwood Schedule

    Yes it is indeed. I was just enlightening you on the fact that they had a nice group of kid's coming back. Winton Woods will be tough to beat period I believe.
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    Trotwood Schedule

    Tristate football. Com just had a write up on Winton Woods. You should go read it and then post back what you think.