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    Louisville Leopards Football 2019 Season

    don't think any of them can get up that high...
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    Louisville Leopards Football 2019 Season

    our stadium has to be nearly twice the size of south's, and more centrally located as well. and parking at south is not any better than the ville...
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    Aurora (11-0) vs. New Philadelphia (10-1) Region 9 Semifinal

    game should have been at louisville, and the d-5 game there should have been at south...
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    Bring Back Coach Farrah

    i hadn't discussed it at all, your poster brought it up on a louisville thread, and yes your team and tradition is better than ours, no doubt...
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    Bring Back Coach Farrah

    if a Massillon fan wants to talk about the personal fouls last year in the first half, i'll give you that. but if the reference is the end zone before the game, i have to take issue with that. no school we ever play comes out and stays in the end zone at our stadium, they go to their sideline...
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    Friday Updates (Week 11)

    i'm a little slow apparently, thanks...
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    Friday Updates (Week 11)

    kirtland-sandy valley?
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    2019-2020 Louisville Leopards

    A new version of a Y-town based league, a second new version of a Y-town based league, and always looking to start something with dover and new philly...
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    #3 (9-1) Akron Hoban vs. #6 (7-3) Alliance

    very true. even if alliance stayed d-3, they have the schedule to get in the playoffs, teams do not avoid them like a lake or louisville. both those teams have the same issue. generally, schools their size won't play them. so, they play larger schools, and if they win, chances are the larger...
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    2019-2020 Louisville Leopards

    i know they are considering a couple of options right now for league affiliation. as far as the 9 home games, that is not good, but after the week 10 football game turnout, i don't think it would matter if they played games in people's driveways, they still wouldn't watch, and if they did, they...
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    Canton Central Catholic Crusaders (5-4) at Louisville Leopards (5-4)

    also...great week 10 game now going forward in my humble opinion...
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    2020 Tournament Listings???

    new to this, have a 9 year-old. looking for a website or suggestions for a few tournaments in addition to the Hall of Fame league schedule in Canton. any help or suggestions would be appreciated...
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    Week 6: Howland Tigers (3-2) at Louisville Leopards (2-3)

    grinders? we can do better than that, i think...
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    Indoor Box Lacrosse Leagues?

    any info? i live in the canton area and am looking for my middle school age son.