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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    Condolences to Coach Willoughby on the passing of his Mother earlier this month.
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    Eight is great: Small-school football thrives in NW Ohio

    Sykotyk: I did a tour of duty out in Lamar, Colorado. 6-man (and 8-man in other parts) is really fun to watch. Old farts 'round Ohio don't know what they're missing.....and I'm in my mid 50's. :D Great photos.
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    Talking with Umpires - Manager only or Coaches too?

    Assistant coaches are to be seen and not heard.
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    Will AC coach child molestation have extended effects on their season?

    It's a "phobic" overreach and a "look at me" post by a guy, who, generally, is a good poster. Hell, I've even done business with CK during their State tournament hoops trips. But, to stick one's snout in to the business of another school district over something (even as disgusting as these...
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    8-man football league to form in NW Ohio

    Still stupid, even 15 years after the Huddle.
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    8-man football league to form in NW Ohio

    Not true in Ohio. A young man that played for me played 4 years of high school baseball for the same school district that formerly employed BOTH of his parents (teacher Mom/maintenance Dad). Mom quit teaching to home school her sons, and the Dad "mysteriously" was in need of a job shortly...
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    Will AC coach child molestation have extended effects on their season?

    Man, you have your feathers ruffled over this? Drop a team from YOUR schedule because of the actions of a SUBSTITUTE teacher at that school. And to leap to the ASSumption that said school will suspend their season to boot?
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    Losing streaks?

    YTOWN: I used to submit a whole bunch of stuff the OHSAA, basketball mostly. It took MONTHS for things to get updated/corrected/etc. Much like how what I call the "coaches page" on their site never gets fixed. Guys and gals step down from or are asked to leave their coaching positions and...
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    Columbus South @ Linden-McKinley Postponed Due to Lack of Officials

    I agree with those above. This feels like AN official bailed late....not that "no officials" (plural) could be found.
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    Bishop Sycamore

    My comment was directed at the lack of literacy by an ever increasing amount of regular "educators," and not as much as at the clowns in charge of the Sycamore circus. I could have been more clear.
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    No Word On Dunbar Situation, Wolverines Lose To Milford 27-26

    Boys, Ra-idiot is the Queen of click bait. He's only trying to direct people to his "website" so he can buy Viagra (to keep his rager toward Kenton firm).
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    Bishop Sycamore

    You'd think, but there's a bunch of "educators" that I deal with that are, how shall I say, waaaaay less than skilled in their command (abuse) of spelling and grammar.
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    Losing streaks?

    I agree YTOWN. Some would argue it's semantics, but I would not. WORDS HAVE MEANINGS. To use them interchangeably is to use them incorrectly. My case in point is those who claim that the OHSAA offers a "playoff" for sports titles in Ohio. No, they don't. A statewide TOURNAMENT is set up...
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    Colatruglio to Hopewell

    So many things you just typed that expose your sour grapes. He brought success TO H-L, yet you have him "running the program into the ground?" LOL! And he went 4-6 his last year at T.C. (his only losing season) and the ran that program in to the ground too? Please just stop. I'm just as...
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    2019 Unknown/Open Weeks - Updated 9/30

    Such as which schools? The problem with the River Division IS the large number of small schools. Adding 2 more is anything but a "solution" to this perceived football scheduling "problem."