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    Corey Kiner (Rogers Bacon DV-LSU Commit) Named Ohio Mr. Football 2020

    If you ever saw him play you would know why he is Mr. Ohio football he would have had same success at any level.
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    Fenwick Football Coaching Search Thread

    Bartlett coming back? If I read numbers right was not a smashing success at Miami Trace 28-24. Did get them to playoffs twice though. Should be a culture shock for him once he gets a taste of the Fenwick parents. Carroll did not have those type issues to the extent Fenwick does.
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    GCL Co-ed 2020

    ?????????????? can you offer some clarity
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    Alter vs DeSales DIII State Semi-Finals

    Can pay for it at this site. Radio Alter broadcast
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    Final Week!

    Division 1: Strongsville vs. Anthony Wayne 2-0 @ Lexington HS Lewis Center Olentangy vs. Centerville 1-0 @ Springfield HS Final: Centerville 1-0 over Strongsville OT Elks are very underestimated. Division 2: Madison over River River 2-0 - On a mission this year will take state Monroe...
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    #6 Alter vs.#5 Ross -Regional Finals

    So why the change of heart?
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    Friday Final Scores - 11/6

    Alter 35 Ross 21
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    #6 Alter vs.#5 Ross -Regional Finals

    Congradulations on the Firebirds first victory ever in the state football playoffs this year. Enjoy that. Be happy you finally found the right football coach who is building a nice program. Making unfounded accusations, which are totally untrue does not do anyone any good.
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    #6 Alter vs.#5 Ross -Regional Finals

    Oh already reasoning why you might lose, cause private schools recruit. Play the game, Ross looks very very tough. Both teams like to run the ball. Alter can throw it a touch (ask Badin) this game like most will be won in the trenches and turnovers.. Should be hard hitting contest. Hope it is...
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    Alter vs Badin

    Totally agree. The future is very bright for Badin. Building a great program, hang on to Yordy.
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    DIII Region 12

    Nice season for Bellbrook. But did the sixth grade team win? Cgradadad gives Bellbrook a good blueprint to strengthen their program. One other suggestion. I have lived in area for 20 years, never have I heard any other school continually promote that their 6th grade or 7th grade or 8th grade...
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    Friday Final Scores - 10/30

    Alter 20 Badin 3
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    Saturday's Playoff games

    D1: Milford vs Lakota West - 4-0 Centerville vs Oak Hills - 2-1 Beavercreek vs Mason - 2-1 Mount Notre Dame vs Miamisburg - 3-0 D2: Monroe vs Indian Hill - 2-0 Badin vs Carroll - 2-0 Oakwood vs Tippecanoe - 1-0 D3 Waynesville vs Dayton Christian - 4-0 Madeira vs Anna - 2-0 Bethel vs Mariemont...
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    Alter vs Trotwood

    Wooh a blast from the past
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    Saturday Final Scores - 10/24

    Alter 42 Trotwood 0 Did Tipp have to forfeit? The announcers on TV are talking about Alter playing Badin