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    The Season/Transfers

    GMC - Mason GWOC - Centerville ECC - Loveland MVC - Summit GGCL - MND GCL - Roger Bacon Agree the state title runs through MND, but Mason has the talent to hang with them this year. Rumor has it Oldacre from Princeton has transferred there. Loveland may get a push from Lebanon but dont count...
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    new OH girls bb coach......

    Looks like JTK was right; Oak Hills girls basketball coach was named the GMC Coach of the Year! :)
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    Actually, Mason, Lakota, and Northwest schools have more kids than Oak Hills school district does. So that makes it maybe the 4th or 5th of the 10 schools in the league. Middle of the pack numbers. Just sayin'. And school size has little to do with winning state championships.
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    Ed Zink coaches record 800 wins!

    Congratulations to Coach Zink...class guy running a class program!
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    2/5 Scores

    Lakota West 58, Oak Hills 54 in Overtime. Tremendous game by both teams. West was the more talented team, but Oak Hills seems to get everything they can from every player. Fun team to watch.
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    SW District Division 1 seedings in Cincinnati

    A ton of parity and quality teams: After MND, in no particular order: Walnut, West, Mercy McAuley, Princeton, Loveland, Mason....after that a slew of teams could slide into a top 10 spot including West Clermont, Sycamore, Edgewood, Oak Hills, Little Miami, even Ursuline who plays a tough...
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    Peyton Ramsey has entered The Transfer Portal

    He will go to whomever needs a QB and he can start. Definitely a Power 5 school talent, but would love to see him come home and play at UC for Fickell.
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    new OH girls bb coach......

    Looks like it's paying off. They just knocked off Princeton from the top of the GMC perch, ending the Vikings 14 game winning streak. Kids seem to play really hard and together.
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    AP Poll

    I was actually at the Princeton/Oak Hills game. Pretty good game. Oak Hills surprised me. Princeton was beating Oak Hills 25-9 at the end of the first quarter. Have to give the Highlanders some props; they never quit and never went into panic mode, even when down 16 points. Their staff did a...
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    What Elder sports programs are top 10 in the state

    Because as hard as it is from some folks on the forum to swallow, some really talented athletes DO GET SCREWED out of playing time at Elder. Seen it many times over the years. Happens at Elder and other area schools, too. It's a fact of life. We are fortunate enough to attract a great deal of...
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    Elder Basketball 2019-2020

    I'm pretty sure he quit the team; he tried to come back but Coach said it's too late. Pretty sure he won't be asked back. His Elder career is over. Tough life lesson to learn but hopefully it will be the thing that gets him on the track to doing things the right way. Big loss to the team in...
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    Cincinnati league predictions

    What they heck is going on with Seton Basketball? They have four 6-0 girls, speed, size and some athletes, and have a roster of kids with varsity experience. Yet their only wins are against Division 3 St. Bernard and Division 2 McNick. Turpin lost all their decent players from last year and...
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    Elder Basketball 2019-2020

    I think Merz will get quality minutes, provided his attitude is postive. They desperately need his athleticism. He can defend just about anybody and is the best athlete on the team. He will be in the top 8 rotation.
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    Oak hills HC

    Back to football issue: Oak Hills will never be competitive in football until the school goes to open enrollment. It's the only thing that could help football. Currently only OH and Sycamore are the only GMC schools WITHOUT open enrollment. And with their current demographics, they ARE NOT...
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    Cincinnati league predictions

    Yep, she's playing and she's a game changer. Dudekovich lit it up in scrimmage win over Mercy McAuley on Tuesday and its a darn good thing she's playing because without her, West wouldnt be the top team in the GMC. Other than the big three, the kids coming off the bench arent transfer studs...