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    Hubbard at Geneva week 8

    Hubbard lost to Geneva? Wow,,,
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    Canfield @ Chaney

    Chaney won their first game of the year against an absolutely putrid Mooney team. This is probably the worst Mooney team in recent memory,,,I wouldn’t place the expectations too high. Chaney lost to a well below average Howland team two weeks ago and scored their lone touchdown against Ursuline...
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    Hubbard at Girard

    Whatever happened to the guy on Girard’s chain gang that got penalized in a game a couple of years ago? Anybody know?
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    Austintown Fitch Revised 2020 Football Schedule!

    That is not the reason. According to the OHSAA, “at this time, all regular-season contracts are voidable for football. Bylaw 7-1-7 indicates that acts of God, force majeure, or similar circumstances gives both the schools and the OHSAA the ability to make game contracts voidable.”
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    Fecko out at Mooney

    Carl Pelini? How could they get there in good conscience ? I’m in awe.
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    Fecko out at Mooney

    I wouldn’t have any idea about that.
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    Fecko out at Mooney

    Canfield has beaten Boardman the last four years.