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    How will Kirtland look in 2022?

    I know they graduated a ton of talent. Anyone have an information on what they have back and what is expected?
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    Division V State Championship: AP #1 Kirtland (14-0) vs. AP #8 Versailles (14-1)

    Interesting tid bit for everyone: Cal Preps has it 27-17 Kirtland When I played around with the site and mixed and matched teams Cal Preps would have South Range winning this game also 28-24.
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    Division V State Semifinal: Kirtland (13-0 (54-0)) vs Ottawa Glandorf (11-3)

    Agreed, no matter how well O-G is playing now it's still a 3 loss team! No way, unless KHS is a turnover machine tonight is O-G winning. Every team believes/hopes it can beat KHS and they should but from what I've seen on limited video of O-G it's not tonight. Will be wore down by the start of...
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    Region 17 Semifinal: #4 Garfield (12-0) vs. #1 Kirtland (11-0)

    Didn't stop them once in the second half! Coach for Garfield did make a huge mistake on not kicking an onside kick after the KHS personal foul. Not sure what coach was thinking on that one.
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    Region 17 Semifinal: #4 Garfield (12-0) vs. #1 Kirtland (11-0)

    I believe there are different ways to look at "dismantled" and how it was used. I was at the game, a Kirtland fan but NO kids playing in the game. This game could have been 40 to nothing had KHS took advantage of being inside the 5/10 yard line better. First half was a good competitive game...
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    Region 17 Semifinal: #4 Garfield (12-0) vs. #1 Kirtland (11-0)

    I agree with your score. Garfield is a good DIV 5 team but look who they have played! JFK is a very good DIV VI team, LaBrae and Brookfield... This could get ugly quickly!
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    Archbishop Moeller @ Ironton

    Wish game happened either of the past 2 years. I don't care what type of season Moeller is having, it would take a team that Ironton put out these past years to make it competitive. Barely winning these past 2 games against much lesser talent means this could be a running clock! Props to...