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    D7 R25

    Was the AD's brother-in-law driving the trash truck?? haha
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    OHIO Division VI and VII Football All-Ohio Teams Announced

    Hmmmm. The last time I looked, there were about 35,000 kids playing football in the state of Ohio. Maybe 1% of the kids got named to the list. I don't think that I would characterize this as a participation trophy.
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    Division V State Championship: AP #1 Kirtland (14-0) vs. AP #8 Versailles (14-1)

    I have not seen Versailles play until last night. I am very familiar with Kirtland. Is there any film of MSL v Versailles from this year? I can't believe anyone beat that team this year, even MSL. They were big, disciplined and physical. Plus, some of those pass receptions were INSANE...
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    DVII: Newark Catholic vs Marion Local Updates and Game Discussion

    They just added 16 teams to the playoff format. They are never going back to 6 divisions. Never
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    Mr football

    When did YSU change divisions??
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    Division VII State Championship: Maria Stein Marion Local (15-0) vs. Newark Catholic (14-1)

    They run a spread and like to throw 70% or more. In the second half of the JFK game, the offense was basically shut down with less than 30 or 40 yards of offense.
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    D7 R25

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks The term is implicit racial bias. And you just gave us an illustration when you assume to know my race. It’s not pitchforks and burning crosses racism. It’s when we have attitudes towards people or associate stereotypes with them without our conscious...
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    D7 R25

    And they weren’t dropped passes - they were contested balls. Something that was picked up on in film - was that Dalton receivers were often wide open and then made big plays. But, on contested balls or where contact was going to be made - many incompletions.
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    D7 R25

    I can think of a reason 🤔🤔🤫🤫🤫
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    Division VI State Semifinal: New Middletown Springfield (13-1) vs Carey (13-1)

    What were their track times like last spring? brungard runs 11.9
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    Division VI State Semifinal: New Middletown Springfield (13-1) vs Carey (13-1)

    Don’t forget that the offensive coordinator is Mark Brungard. A two time national champion at quarterback for YSU. Another branch of the Jim Tressel coaching tree He was also the former head coach at Poland seminary high school. He’s their all time winningest coach. In all seriousness he could...
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    Division III State Semifinal: Chardon (14-0) vs West Holmes (14-0)

    This kid was really fun to watch! I agree….you need the talent of a QB that can play on Sunday in order to beat Charon….
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    Division VI State Semifinal: New Middletown Springfield (13-1) vs Carey (13-1) Kid's a winner. Team's a winner. They haven't lost to a non-MAC D6 school since these seniors' 9th-grade year. edit: Here's some highlights against CW from last year
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    Division VI State Semifinal: New Middletown Springfield (13-1) vs Carey (13-1)

    Hmmm. The last time NMS got "dominated" it was Dec 6th, 2019 in the state championship game by Anna. That year NMS beat East Knox 42-14 in the semi's. If you recall, Knox beat you 32-21 the week before in the regional championships. Brunguard was a sophomore QB that year. You guys got...