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    First Set of Rankings for the 2020-21 Season (July 22)

    Is Eli Spencer still there?
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    Myrtle Beach - booked.
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    New UFC Sponsored Wrestling Event (WUG)

    I thought it looked like McKenna and Gantt both lost to the scale. Good card. One of the better Greco matches I have seen.
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    BLM movement and OSU wrestling

    He probably drinks in his bubble, too. In fact, it sounds a little like he might even be a Jehovah’s Witness. Never can be too careful, I e w. They’re everywhere...and now it seems they’ve found you and infiltrated the yappi wrestling forum, of all places!
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    Will there be a Wrestling Season for 2020-2021?

    If this is what sobriety gets you, I’m glad I drink. Wow.
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    Legacy Christian recruiting

    Would you say it is “right” then to have children competing with mature post-pubescent adolescents? I would guess that most people who hold their children back do it because the kid is emotionally, mentally, and/or physically immature. It is within the rules, and frankly, I believe it levels the...
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    Freestyle season?

    USA Wresting has cancelled all events through July 1.👎
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    Freestyle season?

    With the news from the president today that social distancing is expected until at least May... what are the chances that we could actually have a freestyle season at this point? The schoolboy schedule is May- the beginning of June, and UWWs and Fargo follow that. Any chance these still happen...
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    Oac Jr high state Predictions or rankings

    I disagree. Both of those dates are during freestyle/Greco season. Most of the really top kids in these brackets are cadet eligible for Fargo this year, and/or many of them were already on the schoolboy national team or should be this year.
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    Oac Jr high state Predictions or rankings

    Completely agree. Although they haven't had the chance to practice, so this is not exactly a normal situation. My kid isn't a weight cutter either, but between not practicing and unlimited access to the pantry during quarantine, he's now 5 over. I would bet some of these heavy cut kids are +2...
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    Oac Jr high state Predictions or rankings

    I have to admit, there are a few weights where I am not real familiar with most of the kids. But here are my hypothetical picks: 74- Neal Krysty 78- Huggy Williams 84- Javaan Yarbrough 90- Jay’veon Clinton 96- Rhino Bennett 102- Ty Wilson 108- Dillon Campbell 114- Omar Ayoub 120- Ethan Birden...
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    Oac Jr high state Predictions or rankings

    Agree. Especially if it were in Crab Ride’s Utopia, where no kids were ever held back. I guess I stirred up a s#!+ storm by saying I think the kid is a good wrestler. I have been lucky to be around some of the best junior high kids in the state for nearly 4 years now, and Bird is up there with...
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    Oac Jr high state Predictions or rankings

    Hard to say. Kid is all limbs right now, and still growing. But I would guess 26 or 32...somewhere between the two Ayoubs. Throw in the two Baumanns and everybody else they have coming back, and they have the makings of a pretty solid lineup.
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    Oac Jr high state Predictions or rankings

    Colyn is a hammer. All three of those kids are.