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    Kings Hammer Girls Join ECNL

    CUP has joined another League of Strong Midwest clubs that fell out of DA, like Midwest United, Jags, and Nationals. I think they're better of without the ECNL Regional League.
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    That's about the best thought out explanation I've seen, describing the DA's slide to demise, on any forum.
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    Indy has Indy Fire and FC Pride. CUP will be fine. They'll go back to dominating the National League, if they don't join this...
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    More DA club defections to ECNL
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    That's an interesting question. I pulled from the article, which didn't say.
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    Sounds like the rumors are getting stronger. MLS academies want to do their own thing. The DA's cost a lot more $$ than they generate, which means the USWNT lawsuit is a great excuse to nix both the girls and boys side...
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    Outside of being able to play HS, as well as substitution rules, there's not a big difference. Both play about 9 months/year. DA trains 4 days/week as opposed to 3 for ECNL. Level of play seems to depend on the region of the country (I'd say it's leaning toward the ECNL with all the defections)
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    Ohio Valley Premier League

    I recognize several WPSL and ECNL clubs listed. Be interesting to what level it will attain.
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    Is the GDA now allowing high school play?
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    Another Age Grouping Determination Change?

    Good idea, won't happen. I'd prefer a better source that BYPSL
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    Is the GDA now allowing high school play?

    You do realize that ECNL runs 9 months a year and allows for HS play (Starts first of November, ends mid July)? That's probably the only issue that kept the ECNL competitive with the creation of the DA. You can see cracks in the "No HS rule" with CDA last year and other DA clubs who either...
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    Stanford 15 Prairie View A&M 0

    Jed's gonna have a fish
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    Local College All Conference Honorees

    Don't forget Grace Haines (Alter) UIC - Horizon League All-Freshman
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    The article overrepresents a pretty obscure perspective. Power 5 kids shouldn't play high school? Most do and do fine. There isn't a big push to not play high school outside of the DA and even they seem to be coming to terms with it. Just an author looking for a story.
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    When my Mia was at OE, she considered playing fall ball with the club (I'm not sure seriously). She'd represented her school for two years, seen close club teammates get injured in HS, and she didn't like her new coach. HS is not always rewarding as it can be a different kind of soccer and...