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    Mariemont vs. Shawnee

    I am going with Mariemont in an upset. Two of Mariemont’s losses were to Wyoming and Indian Hill, which are not bad losses. The Deer Park loss is a head scratcher. The biggest thing they have going for them is getting some guys healthy who were playing banged up, including Green, who is very...
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    Prediction Time!

    I think Mariemont-CCD will be close. 1 goal game that could go either way.
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    SW Ohio Early Front Runners

    Mariemont 1 Oakwood 0 Wandered down and watched this game from the fence. (Interestingly, I am not sure anyone was even taking tickets). Intense and physical game. Felt like a District or Regional game. Mariemont sored early on a nice individual effort by Brothers who beat the keeper far...
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    SW Ohio Early Front Runners

    I think TC will be fine. DC is not a bad team and tied Worthington Christian earlier in the year. I think Greenon is just a really good team. (Although winning last night 18-0 raises some eyebrows about what they were trying accomplish)
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    CHL Football 2020

    But back to football. Seems that schools tried to avoid playing a CHL school in the regular season that they were likely to see in the playoffs. I’m reading too much into the schedule?
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    CHL Football 2020

    This is a dumb statement. Completely agree with certain sports - but you ignore all of the other sports. Boys and girls tennis, cross country, swimming and diving, track, lacrosse and boys and girls soccer would all be top heavy with CHL teams. (Just look at the head to head scores and state...
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    Dayton D3 Boys Soccer

    I think TC is like most good D3 teams in that they have some really strong players and a few holes. Outside of the Summit teams from a few years ago I don't really recall any top D3 teams that didn't have a few holes, or least a few weaknesses. Bottom line is that most of the top D3 teams can...
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    Tuesday scores

    Indian Hill 4 Roger Bacon 2 Wyoming 1 Oak Hills 0 - Wyoming looks to have another solid team Goshen 5 Western Brown 0 - Goshen is going to be pretty good this year
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    Tuesday scores

    I have always been impressed with the sportsmanship shown by both of these programs
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    Opening Week Scores

    Anderson 1- Elder 0. Wow Ross 2 - Oak Hills 0. Not really a shocker. Ross is good! McNick 2 - Indian Hill 0 Bethel Tate 1 - Batavia 0. Good win for BT. Mariemont 5 - 7hills 2. Didn’t see this one coming Sycamore 3 - Kings 2. Two pretty good teams
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    Just saw on twitter that the Oak Hills - Ross game is being live streamed on Chatterbox. (Not really sure what that is). In past season 7-Hills has broadcast a number of their games on You Tube, but not sure if that is just home games.
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    Ha! You may be right on the Sycamore match but you don't make any real money betting on the favorites :p. You will be surprised by Ross. I don't know much about them but they had a very solid team last year and most of their top players were freshman and sophomores.
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    Hopefully not jinxing anything before the Governor's announcement, but looking forward to hopefully seeing some games this weekend and next week! For the weekend, there appear to be a handful of interesting/competitive games. I am sure I am missing many but my thoughts on a few in SW Ohio...
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    25 - 0 Score

    I am guessing you have not been to too many first and second round games over the past 10 years. The disparity between the top teams and lower teams in every division is enormous. You can argue that the top teams can just play all their reserves but the reserves will beat these teams by 15...
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    Sectional Final Match Ups

    good analysis. I think Madeira is the 3 seed and 7hills is the 2.