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    Scores from Wednesday 10/30/19 (Regional Semi-Finals)

    Botkins 1-0 over Mariemont, Final.
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    Scores Saturday 10/26/19 (District Finals)

    Botkins wins 4-1 over TC.
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    Scores Saturday 10/26/19 (District Finals)

    No, but my buddy is. I'm at home warm and dry.
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    Scores Saturday 10/26/19 (District Finals)

    Botkins up 3-1 on TC now.
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    Dayton D3 Boys Soccer

    Botkins beat TC 2-0.
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    At the CCD/Summit games? CCD Boys win 3-0, CCD Girls win 3-1. Congrats to CCD on breaking Summits 4 year league winning streaking.
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    2018 Divisioning is set Cincinnati Summit to D2 Dayton Milton-Union to D2
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    Updates for Regional Semi games

    D2 Tipp City 1-0 over Beechcroft with 10:35 left in the 1st. D3 Roger Bacon 2-0 (scored both early) in the 1st over Yellow Springs.
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    St. Iggy .vs Davidson

    1-0 Iggy 8:20 left in the 1st half
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    Games needed

    Due to a conference team dropping Boys Soccer, Greeneview is in need of 2 games for the 2015 season please PM me if interested.
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    1st State Poll of the Year

    Here it is.
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    State Semi's Updates

    D3 Summit up 1-0 on a goal by #13. D2 Indian Hill in control early but still scoreless.
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    10-16 Scores

    Alter def. Valley View, 5-1 Brookville def. Clinton Massie, 2-1, OT Eaton def. Wilmington, 2-1, OT Oakwood def. Chaminade-Julienne, 4-3, OT Monroe def. Franklin, 10-0 Kenton Ridge def. Greenville, 2-0 Greenon def. Northwestern, 5-1 Tippecanoe def. Milton-Union, 9-1 Indian Lake def. Urbana, 4-2...
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    Greeneview Soccer Player playing for National Title

    Rylee Woods playing up for the Crew U-20 team for a National Championship, live at 11:00 am. Super-20 Championships
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    Greeneview soccer star Rylee Woods