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    Harbins...Get Lost

    You cannot let coaches vote for playoff seeding - especially when home field is at stake. Stupid.
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    PAC 2020

    Go to the Loudonville Redbird Football Facebook page on game night and there should be a live stream on there.
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    WCAL 2020

    Will never forget this game! Coach Schrock's last year - a 3-way WCAL split with Norwayne, Hillsdale and Smithville. Media and all of the experts on here and on other sites figured Norwayne would name their score - rightfully so....Norwayne had beaten opponents by a score of 52-7 on average...
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    Laurel High School

    Seems like Kevin may have told (multiple) people that he wasn't interested in the job - when he was all along.
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    Laurel High School

    I am pretty sure that Kevin Braaten isn't going to take this job.
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    Africentric stays loaded

    There is nobody who can prepare them for Africentric. Margaretta did play an outstanding schedule though (in-season and out-of-season). including Toledo Central Catholic, Bellevue, Willard, Tri-Village, Perkins, Perrysburg and Hopewell Loudon. My point is that - it is going to be a good...
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    Africentric stays loaded

    Margaretta was up 8 at halftime against Hiland last year at The Classic in the Country. That was on 24-hour notice - obviously in a very hostile environment. Although it would have been a great game, for some reason the 2 didn't play again this year during the regular season.....Both teams...
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    Africentric stays loaded

    Since everyone is assuming that Africentric and Hiland is a lock - what are predictions for tonight's game against Margaretta?
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    Fort Loramie

    Hiland and Fort Loramie would have been an amazing game - as would have been Shelby and Loudonville. There were definitely some mis-matches this year at the Classic. If you mix those two games up - even with the injuries/flu involved - the two new games would have been much closer.
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    Glen Oak

    I have no dog in the fight but Wackerly clearly has done a hell of a job with this team this year. Also - major props to the players for having the maturity to play ball - with everything else going on.
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    Africentric stays loaded

    I could honestly see Africentric getting beat in their Regional tournament, before even making it to state and playing Hiland.
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    Bellevue Girls outa pulling video

    This is 100% what I am asking MCGal. I agree - all of the stuff associated with the incident....good golly that was a bad look! Nobody that I have spoken with has an answer though - where do we draw the line? What about the players who are constantly using profanity or referencing sex and...
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    Bellevue Girls outa pulling video

    I appreciate you responding to me in the manner that you did - as opposed to telling me to shut up LOL. I have voted in many of these meetings over the years - for a number of sports and I always tried to leave emotion out of these votes. Clearly - this is a MAJOR hot-button issue. I agree...
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    Bellevue Girls outa pulling video

    I don't want to speak negatively about any of the other players in District 6 - Division 2, but something really bugged me this weekend when I saw it.... For Casey Santoro to not be voted District 6 POY - by the coaches in her district, because of this incident - is just wrong. Every single...
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    2020 Classic in the Country

    Emily Seboe - Loudonville