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    Central District All Star Meet

    Would have loved to have seen more of the top central Ohio D1 teams participate. But none the less, it was another great high school wrestling event!!!
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    OSU vs Columbia/UNC

    Anyone know why the Buckeyes forfeit at 157 ? Throw someone out there to wrestle.
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    Region 2 Championship: Springfield (11-1) vs. Olentangy Liberty (8-5)

    Springfield will beat OL by more than they did two years ago (19-0). Congrats to OL on a good tourney run, but Springfield is on another level. Stay healthy both teams.
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    2 Springfield 3 centerville part 2

    Congrats Springfield!
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    Battle of Pickerington - OCC

    Good point. But it won't be the big bad wolf named Pickerington Central again this year.
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    Week 13: Kings (11-1) vs. Winton Woods (12-0) Round 2

    Congrats on the big win Kings!
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    competitive balance

    Is Competitive balance even a real thing?
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    Battle of Pickerington - OCC

    What a statement win for Gahanna. PC has had several L's to other central Ohio teams the last couple of years, I think they are officially just a good high school football team, not the kings in Central Ohio anymore!
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    Week 13: #3 Westerville South Vs #2 Uniontown Lake

    Congrats Lake on the Victory!
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    This didn't age well. :banana:
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    Game Report: Columbus East 40 Cambridge 39 2OT

    Nice win for East, congrats. Next weeks trip to Steubenville could bring memories of the East teams the past 20 years.
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    Week 13: Kings (11-1) vs. Winton Woods (12-0) Round 2

    Good luck Winton Woods!
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    week 12: D2 Region 7 ~ DeSales @ Lake

    Sounds like it was a defensive struggle. Congrats to Lake on the win and good luck vs West South next week. Desales circle the wagons and get better in the off season, anytime Desales has 5 losses and gets beat by Watterson, it's not a great year.
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    Massillon / Big walnut

    I think Massillon rolls in this game.