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    OHSAA Tournaments to Continue with Limited Spectators

    I highly doubt games will be played today and for atleast awhile if they ever are.
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    Ohio's tournaments...coronavirus may throw a wrench into it

    All games should be live streamed starting tonight and that doesn't look to be the case. Hardly any are being streamed. I understand not wanting people to be there but they should be available to watch.
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    Regional games being streamed tonight and this week please post here!

    Can people post on this thread where Regional games are being streamed. Thank you. I haven't seen any yet
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    Thoughts on the open jobs? Newton Falls, Lowellville, Lisbon and Austintown Fitch.

    All athletic programs are bad at Chalker right now.
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    2020 D-II Ashtabula District

    Let's just give east the title now
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    D1 Canton

    When would district final be?
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    Do we need a shot clock in Ohio high school basketball

    How about you can't stall until 3 minutes left in each quarter? Have it be Refs judgement and it must be obvious for it to be called even give the team a warning first? You must move bal and the same guy can't hold the ball for minutes at a time. Just a thought. Refs call stalling in wrestling.
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    Euclid District 2020

    I can't wait for a Mentor vs Cle Heights district final next Saturday night.
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    Norton D4 District

    Heights by 40 LCC in close one Mog by 15 Dal by 10
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    Western Reserve Job

    I am hearing Dota is the guy
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    Thoughts on the open jobs? Newton Falls, Lowellville, Lisbon and Austintown Fitch.

    The top candidate turned the job and didn't feel comfortable hiring the second choice. They are holding out hope that someone qualified will inquire about the position if not they are considering canceling the program.
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    Euclid District 2020

    It just came out Heights was denied. I am sure they will file a lawsuit now.
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    PTC County

    I disagree they have been one of the consistent programs the last 5 years. Obviously Mogadore number one but them and Garfield are up and coming programs and very respectable.
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    PTC County

    Crestwood was the final straw that killed the traditionalist PTC.