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    Invitational Race Formats?

    Yes, aware of both of those items. Just wondering if any meet directors have already made tentative decisions for their meets.
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    Invitational Race Formats?

    Does anyone know what race format will the meets, that are currently still scheduled, be following this fall? Ex. wave start, regular, etc?
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    OATCCC COVID-19 Return to Competition Recommendations

    Remember these are recommendations. It gives every meet director a logical and safe starting point to plan out the specifics of the meet and venue. I believe that's the full motivation of the recommendations. Our league consists of 14 schools from multiple counties. Several of those...
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    Athletic Department Athletic Council at your school?

    I understand why there has been a lot of time spent covering the covid issues on this forum. It's the central theme that will control whether or not we have fall sports season. However, I thought I would post something to offer a little change of pace. I'm looking for a little input from some...
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    Will there be venues open for XC competition?

    Mr. Slippery, I had been thinking of that exact thing over the last couple of weeks. I too ran in one of those meets at Elder as a senior in 1980. We ran in different races rather than going out in different waves in the same race. It was very different, but a lot of fun for my entire team...
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    Mandatory coaches meeting prior to the start of summer conditioning!

    How many of you have been instructed to hold off on summer conditioning until you have had a meeting (online or otherwise) with your school administration to outline procedures, expectations, etc.
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    Best Online Mileage App/Program?

    What is the best online program/app you use with your teams? Something that allows coaching access to view individual athlete recorded mileage. Preferably something that is free and easy to use.
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    Fancloth Sportswear

    Did anyone else make the mistake of doing a team sportswear store through Fancloth this fall? If so, what is the status of your team order? Our store closed in August and was to be delivered by the middle of September, then we were told October 9th, still no order. Anyone else in the same...
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    Meet Directors Stipend?

    How many of you that are meet directors for your school XC or Track & Field invitationals actually get a stipend/additional pay for being meet manager? If you do what is your stipend amount? Just trying to gather a little information.
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    OHSAA Mindset About XC

    I just thought it was not only odd, but a smack in the face of Cross Country for the announcer Saturday to refer to "our great sport of Cross County and Track". Last time I checked we have one coaches association, but they are two different sports. I believe too often the OHSAA views the two...