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    MAC Championships

    We had split mats at the 1,2,3,4 mile marks and since they crossed those at other distances we just captured them there also. Might not be a standard mark but the announcer loved it as he was able to see placing at so many different locations around the course.
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    State XC Results just for fun

    No mideast meet was cancelled. That is one of the reasons we decided to try to host something so kids could compete some more and compete against other divisions of athletes as they have not been able to all year.
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    State XC Results just for fun

    I combined all the divisions for each and made the results printouts. Here are the links (girls results are very interesting) GIRLS BOYS
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    We did it.

    Wittenberg is not hosting any hs meets this year. I am trying now to see if the facility could be rented while they are not in school to possibly host a few meets in late december and early january during the week nights. Discussing with health dept as to what they will allow me. Youngstown...
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    We did it.

    Most said no spectators but I think they are still trying to figure it out. Myself, I do not see indoor happening (at least I think the state meet should not happen). The state meet would not be a real state meet as southern schools will have a hard time getting qualifying marks since no tracks...
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    We did it.

    I reached out to all the indoor facilities and this is what I have gotten back from each. AS OF NOW THESE COLLEGES WILL NOT BE HOSTING HS MEETS (number of meets in the past) Akron (4) Bowling Green (2) Capital (2) Cedarville (2) Findlay (4) Marietta (2) Mount Union (2) Oberlin (4) Ohio Northern...
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    We did it.

    Whenever they post them. I sent them the pdf files that night. You can also see them in the official link by clicking the button at the top of the live results page.
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    We did it.

    From what I know about some of this. 1) the ruling was for above 150 not 180 or less. That was for all regionals and state but each local health dept had to approve it. 2) Again this was due to local rules and state meet was franklin county which allowed it for this meet. (cedarville district...
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    Survey from OATCCC concerning the creation of 4 divisions for Track and Field

    If you are bringing another division is 9 lanes actually necessary now? With another division you are actually already bringing 16 more instead of 1
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    Northeast Regional predictions

    We did not run the split point this year with all the mud (we had planned on it). That area was on a slope and we did not feel it would be good for runners to have something else to navigate. The ground was turning very slick in places as soon as we started setting up.
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    Northeast Regional predictions

    That is correct. no matter which chip system is used we always verify correct placing for every runner. The chip is what gives us our time and order and then verified with camera. Every place is verified. Shoe chips are better in muddy/wet conditions unless they start losing shoes. Bib chips...
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    Troy Regional predictions

    Walnut Hills Boys team will not be competing now at Troy regional. Pulled out today with unforeseen circumstances. Their number 1 ran 15:41 last week to finish 4th.
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    Timing Question

    If you see the blue timing lines at the finish then we are using chips. We made the decision this year to use cameras at most meets since it was only 150 or less per race it is just as easy to do that. OHSAA asked if we could use disposable this year at least at regionals and state and I told...
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    MAC restarts XC

    Ball St is having a meet this weekend, akron is having a small one nov 6, and bowling green is having one on nov 7th.
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    SW D2 District

    VOA start line can not handle that many with the covid spacing.