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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

    I think SUA is talented but unfortunately they play in a tough league and have tough out of league games. They are right where they should be and will compete in the post season.
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    Where is everyone?

    Thats a brutal schedule but that should definitely help them come playoff time.
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    Where is everyone?

    Lets not make any prediction but only comment on others, lay it out for me empty cup and soccer toe....
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    Where is everyone?

    Unless MND picked up a bunch of players from last year I don't think they will be at a level of ursula and seton, knowing several of the players and coaches at all three schools. MND will be better than MMH and will give ursula and seton a challenge but I think these two teams have a lot of...
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    Where is everyone?

    Watched Ursula vs MMH, Ursula is very good which means Mason must be very good. MMH is not very good, they have players but playing a 1980's formation, very unorganized, with some new younger players is going to hurt them against solid teams. GGCL champions will be between Seton and Ursula for...
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    Where is everyone?

    The GGCL is solid again this year. I have not heard much about the GMC but LW smacked Ursuline and Oak Hills has won two solid games out of the gate.
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    Where is everyone?

    its so quiet this season, not a lot of discussion as in years past. Is everyone consumed with COVID discussions or is there just a lack of interest in soccer this year??
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    Who is going to be good in Southwest Ohio this season?

    I said it last year before the season started that its LW state championship to lose and everyone thought i was nuts. This year will be interesting bc they've lost a couple players but they should still contend. Not sure where some people get their info but St Ursula (coaching issue and...
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    We all know its been turned into a political weapon, being used to divide people and instill public fear. The problem is we don't treat other illnesses, viruses, self induced deaths they way we are treating this. Its all out of control bc we have an up coming election and the media and...
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    Top 10 Girl Soccer Players for 2020

    So what is the process to nominate these kids? Coach picks their top player and then they are thrown in a hat for the enquirer to pick?? Some of these kids at smaller schools may not even start at the bigger schools. They should focus on a preview by team instead. I do agree Sally will be...
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    Thats going to make it very difficult to compete if it happens in the middle of the season. I know it has happened with other teams as well.
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    Cincinnati league predictions

    Agree, MMHS is dead after this year as the merger of the two schools plus coaching has run off the younger talent to other schools, other sports or hanging it up, such a shame.
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    Tournament Draw

    Just want to go on the record to say that I mentioned that it would be LW's title to lose early on in the season and some of the yappi soccer experts said I was very wrong. Also would like to point out that I stated that the GGCL was one of the tougher leagues in town and that was also proven...
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    Division II - Region 8 Championship: La Salle (10-2) vs. Harrison (11-1)

    I've seen several games from both teams. The speed of LaSalle is going to be the difference. Harrison is very solid and discipline but the speed of play between the two teams is very noticeable. Harrison will struggle with short pass screens that they live on. Harrison advantage is that...