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    Covid home weigh-ins

    One hour for d3 at troy.
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    ISO jr high meet on 1/9

    In search of a Jr high meet on 1/9/21. We are in southwest Ohio. Email if you have an opening.
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    East Clinton Dual tournaments - Jan 16th

    For varsity - Williamsburg, West Union, Dayton Christian For Jr High - Williamsburg, CNE, Wilmington
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    East Clinton Dual tournaments - Jan 16th

    East Clinton is hosting a Varsity and Jr high Dual tournament on January 16th. Wrestling starts at 11am. We are looking for 1 varsity and 1 Jr high team. Email if you are interested.
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    Need Matches

    Who are the small teams? If close, maybe put together a small meet where you try and get kids 1-2 matches. East Clinton (8 wrestlers). Between Cin & Col.
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    January Tournaments

    East Clinton hs is also looking for something on 1/9/21.
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    Greenfield McClain new head coach

    Congrats coach. Send me an email at Looking to see if you have any points available or hosting anything we could get in on.
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    Blanchester looking for tris any Saturday in Jan.

    East Clinton is also looking for Jan 9th and 23rd or 30th.
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    2020-2021 Tournaments That Cancel This Year

    Here is a proposal with tournaments that have to cancel. Let say you are hosting a tournament with 18 teams and have to cancel. When you send out your notice, list all the schools that were scheduled. Try to split that tournament up to 3 different site meets. The host school should still be...
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    If fall sports coming back safely

    Coaching for wrestling begins 11/13. That is also the same date of the expected state championships for football. I think they will hold out as long as possible to make decisions on winter sports. If football gets thu, we have a chance. Might be modified schedule.
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    New teaching opening and coaching at East Clinton

    East Clinton Local Schools is accepting applications for a Licensed Intervention Specialist. The position is at East Clinton Middle School for grades 6-8. Candidates should possess the necessary license, K-12 Intervention Specialist. Please send a letter of interest, copy of teaching license...
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    East Clinton will have 4 teaching openings

    East Clinton has 4 openings. 2 at the high school and 2 at the elementary. Also have a paid wrestling coach position. Email Doug.Stehlin@eastclinton for wrestling. See the link for teaching positions...
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    East Clinton will have 4 teaching openings

    East Clinton LSD will have 4 openings in 2020-2021. 1 middle school math, 2 high school math and 1 high school intervention specialist. Click the link to check out the info.
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    Barbarian Apparel singlet contest

    Help EAST CLINTON, OHIO beat an Iowa team in this contest in round 1 to win singlets.