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    Dover Tornadoes Basketball

    While listening to a recent radio broadcast they said Dover may be announcing a new league affiliation, has anyone on here heard any information on that? The ECOL will consist of Dover,Marietta and Warren next season.
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    Tuesday Finals (1/5)

    Poor shooting, 19 turnovers, 9 of 16 from the line. Some out with illness,unknown if it is the virus.
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    Athletic Departments Being Drained ?

    Canceling last years spring sports helped budgets as none of those sports make money, I am not against them just stating the obvious. A nice surplus at Dover quickly disappeared. Booster clubs have been clobbered with virtually all fundraising cancelled. I expect the 2021/2022 school year will...
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    Dover Tornadoes Basketball

    Dover 49 Benedictine 46. Great comeback by Benedictine fell short.
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    Dover Tornadoes Basketball

    Olentangy orange beats Benedictine and Normandy beat Dover. Benedictine vs Dover at 6 with Orange taking on Normandy in the winners bracket. Stanick (sp) of Normandy 24 points 2 dunks 10 rebounds.
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    Dover Tornadoes Basketball

    Tough to get information but the Holiday tournament starts today. 6 pm Olentangy Orange vs Benedictine. Approx 7:30 Normandy vs Dover. Wednesday losers bracket at 6 followed by winners bracket from Tuesday. Reserve teams have the same set up starting games at 2:30 today,1:30 tomorrow. All games...
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    Your Varsity Debut?

    Started at guard and was on kickoff team. (Freshman) I was knocked out on a kickoff and was assisted to the sideline and as a testament to early 70s precautions I was sent back in to play guard on our next offensive series I was removed when I just stood near the LOS while my teammates were in...
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    Saturday Finals (12/19)

    Dover 70 Orrville 28
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    Dover Tornadoes Basketball

    Lots of turnovers in this one,Dover wins 52-42
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    Friday Finals (12/18)

    Dover 52 new Philadelphia 42
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    Dover Tornadoes Basketball

    Dover up 21-14 at the half.
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    Will the 2021 season be back to the old norm?

    Conditions might be back to normal but fear will still keep many away I also think that your less enthusiastic fans that basically just go out of habit will not come back.
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    School's that live stream their games online

    So far Dover is on Dover Tornado club Facebook page.
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    Ohio HS Scoring Record In 1993...Combined Team Totals Of 252 Points

    The only details I can recall, it was 66 all at the end of regulation and Conotton came back from 6 down with less than 30 seconds left in 2 of the overtime sessions.
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    Ohio HS Scoring Record In 1993...Combined Team Totals Of 252 Points

    I think one is missing,Conotton Valley over East Canton, it was in the 90s I was at the game 7 overtime’s thinking the score was 109-107 Conotton winnning.