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    Dover schedule 2020

    7 at home possibly 8 with one of the away games a 2 mile trip to phila
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    Louisville @ Steubenville 2021 schedule

    Well now that your traveling anyway,how about a Louisville, Dover Steubenville New Phila as a start for a league for football only.
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    1/17 Scores

    Dover 94 Marietta 43
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    Any schools let their students in for free to football games?

    Dover offers a fall pass for $30.00 includes all fall athletic events. Student attendance and Enthusiasm has been great. Winter pass is same deal. Dover also offers a senior pass to those over 65 that are retired,$40.00 for all school events including plays and concerts for the year.
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    1/10 Scores

    Dover 73 Coshocton 39
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    Dover @ New Phila 231st time

    Shooting was poor by both teams but defense solid for Dover
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    Dover @ New Phila 231st time

    Dover goes across the river tonight. Quakers have some size Dover will need to contend with,should be a good one. Dover leads the all time 126-104
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    Ohio High school football not as powerful as once was?

    Another thing I thought was odd,Dover played a team from Texas in the KSA classic and it was the 26th game for them so far. (Poolville)
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    Ohio High school football not as powerful as once was?

    Connecticut does not start basketball until January, apparently they are all about football in Connecticut, who would suspect that? Maybe Ohio just doesn’t regard football like we use to.
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    Players with 25+ points in a game

    Kade Rusegger Dover, 31 against poolville Texas. 21 in the 1st quarter.
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    12/28 Scores

    New Rachelle New York 55 Dover 45
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    Tid bit from KSA classic

    Dover played Wilton Connecticut today and it was wiltons first game,they normally don’t start the season until January. The radio commentator asked the Wilton coach about it and he said they are all about football in Connecticut. Who knew?
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    Final list of teams I watched in person 2019

    Amazing. Do you have a favorite game?
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    12/20 Scores

    Dover 43 Cambridge 38.
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    Should the clock stop with under 1:00 left in the game after made basket?

    No and a team being fouled should have the option of inbounding the ball instead of shooting.