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    Division II - Region 5 Championship: Archbishop Hoban (11-1) vs. Massillon Washington (12-0)

    Look closer at that statistic and you will find that the starting defense has only allowed a single TD in the second half all season. 1 TD to Canton McKinley.
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    Week 11: Jackson (8-2) @ Euclid (8-2)

    I have picked against the Polar Bears all year. Just didn't believe they had a great team. I am not doing that this time. Picking Stark County in this matchup. Good Luck Jackson.
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    #3 (9-1) Akron Hoban vs. #6 (7-3) Alliance

    Hoban banged up from what I have read. Shouldn’t have any trouble with Alliance. Running clock early in 3rd
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    I really don’t care anymore about the content of this thread. AZwildcat, I don’t know you from Adam, but I am praying for you. None of this matters as much as your well being. God bless you and may God bless a speedy recovery for you.
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    This is the problem and you may not see it. Why is there a need to “put Massillon down”. What does your program get out of that. What do you get out of that? We aren’t storming your football threads to tell you what you haven’t accomplished on the football field with the great teams you have...
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    what do you want us to talk about? You have clearly and accurately stated that we have won nothing in any other sport. Are we supposed to gloat about that? “Hey, we are sub 500 again in girls basketball. Let’s throw a parade. Facts are not talking down to you. Disrespecting history and getting a...
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    You know who really respects our program? Steve Trivosonno (sp)
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    As it was mentioned above it was found and noted by respected OHSAA historian Timothy Hudak.
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    Nobody is asking you to bow down JJbulldog. You came on here stirred the pot and started this on your own. You do it, and everyone else does it and when we respond we are “attacking” and when we don’t respond it’s “where’s Massillon”. Leave our history to us and I promise the 30,000 Massillon...
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    Sorry son, nobody cares how many times you have been runner up on Yappi. If you haven’t won the title on the field of play you haven’t won squat. This is a football thread and yes, all I currently care about is football.
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    Keep living off non football titles in a football thread! Hustle along now youngster, the lawn dart team needs your support.
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    Week 10——Freshman Games

    It was Kirtland. It will be corrected.
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    Massillons 24? State Championships

    What will they say about Mentor 50 years from now? Should all of their success in athletics be dismissed because 50 years have passed? Heck, We could be playing games on Mars in 50 years and all the previous successes in all schools will have to be thrown out because it didn’t happen on another...
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    Week 9: Louisville Leopards (5-3) at Massillon Tigers (8-0)

    A former McKinley Bulldog who talks a lot of smack a la a certain poster on Yappi from the same zip code. This post is very real and not surprising. He did the same thing when he worked for his alma mater, shame they didn't think enough to keep him around. hmm.
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    Stark County Banter 2019 (2)

    I am really glad someone mentioned the respected historian Tim Hudak. Respected football historians typically do not write books about Teams that never accomplished anything. His book “All the Way to #1 is the first book to thoroughly document the nation’s top high school football teams from the...