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    Ask The Ump?

    A1 hits ball in gap. Rounds 1st . As he's heading towards 2nd the SS is next to the bag acting like he's ready to receive the throw for a tag. Runner slides. Ball was still being picked up at fence by outfielder. Legal deke? I'd say by the rulebook it would be legal.
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    OHSAA residency rules

    Can someone educate me on OHSAA residency requirements? 1. Do you have to reside in OH to play sports? 2. Is there an exception if you live out of state but attended an OH grade/middle school? OHSAA website seems to indicate you have to be a resident but someone told me there is an exception...
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    Paul McMillan IV

    I've been reading about this 2022 kid - top 15 in the country. Where will he be going to high school?
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    Why Did Bazley Get Ejected?

    I read that Bazley and another player were ejected Friday for leaving the bench but it wasn't leaving the bench due to a fight? If it wasn't a fight what was it? I can't figure out how a player gets ejected for something other than a fight.