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    You can watch all the State Championships for free

    Spectrum News 1 started airing the finals in 2018. In 2016 and 2017, they were on the now defunct Spectrum Sports Channel. 2015 was the last year for STO
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    Friday Updates - 10/30

    D7 Region 26: Hopewell Loudon 28 Arlington 28 End 3rd
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    Saturday Final Scores - 10/24

    Hopewell-Loudon 36 Lima Perry 6
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    Cases of a higher seeded team forfeiting because of covid??? Any???

    Lima Perry. Had a bye in the first round, then Edgerton canceled on them.
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    Edgerton forfeits Division VII, Region 26 game against Lima Perry

    Perry dodged a major bullet here. They will face (probably Patrick Henry) next Friday. With several teams canceling, it makes you wonder if one team could possibly get lucky enough to get a berth in the state semis or finals without even playing a playoff game? Unrealistic for sure, but that...
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    Wapakoneta at Hamilton Badin, and Delphos St. Johns at LCC both canceled

    Hamilton Badin and LCC will be moving on to the next round due to virus cases at Wapakoneta and Delphos St. John's. The roller coaster continues. Hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone at the state levels. Sad for the kids at both schools.
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    Week 7 Non-Playoff Games?

    Did Jefferson forfeit? I thought they had a playoff game at Minster Friday night
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    Fort Loramie

    I hadn't heard that, who was injured?
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    Division VII Seedings & Playoffs, All Regions Discussion

    Whats even crazier is that Fort Loramie beat Tri Village 69-6 last year and is supposed to even better than that team!
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    Fort Loramie

    This result was mind blowing to me. Both teams were fully healthy but Fort Loramie beat Tri Village 69-6 last year. And by most accounts, the average football fan would say Loramie is better than last year. This has to go down as one of the greatest upsets in OHSAA history. Absolutely crazy. Tri...
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    Division VII Seedings & Playoffs, All Regions Discussion

    I am a Perry grad, have been following for years, and I totally agree. I dont even think they will get by Edgerton, but then if they do, face the prospect of hosting Patrick Henry. There will be a running clock in that game, and Perry will not be the benefactor of it.
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    Division VII Poll Voting Discussion (Week 5)

    Region 26 is extremely weak this year. We are looking at Lima Perry possibly getting the 2 or 3 seed in that region. Let that sink in. I realize they are 5-0 but they still don't a candle to Spencerville, LCC, Arlington, Leipsic, etc
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    Playing only league games?

    I concur, especially if your non conference opponent is only 3 miles away, like minster and fort loramie!
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    Ohio High School Football Coaches Association Releases 38-page Restart Proposal

    I dont know about any other school, but I live in MAC country, not saying the school (I married in) and the school is absolutely not following any of the guidelines. They've been out practicing all week, and just driving by and taking a gander it's obvious to see. Do I care? Absolutely not. Do I...
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    Northwest Conference 2020

    The other was Perry, and they had to overcome a huge 4th quarter deficit to win that game. Perry blew that one hands down. Could only be one win the last two years. Growing up, (I'm 30) Jefferson was always respectable every year, even if they only won a few playoff games here or there. But this...