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    Junior High Coaching Position

    The Position has been filled. Thank you for all the inquiries, and emails. Derek Oney
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    Junior High Coaching Position

    Lakeview Junior High in Pickerington is looking for a head wrestling coach. This is a paid position. If interested, please contact Derek Oney @
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    Club and Corona survey

    That is great to hear!
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    Club and Corona survey

    Have you had any issues, coach Simpson?
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    St. Ed's Chance Robinson Story

    Nice Write Up!!
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    Pickerington Invitational Tournament 1/9/2021

    Pickerington North will Host its Home tournament Saturday January 9, 2021. We are looking for additional teams. We are looking to expand the tournament into a bracketed format. If you are interested and have 2 points you need to fill please contact Derek Oney @
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    Keeping wrestlers engaged during this time...

    Thanks for the feedback. I enjoy Google hangouts, but as you mention, I truly miss the face to face with my team, and my students.
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    Keeping wrestlers engaged during this time...

    What are some things coaches are doing to keep their guys engaged during this weird time? By now we have been going hard during open mats and weight training with those not playing spring sports. Twitter and Instagram are great for contact, but what else? I'm curious. I miss my routine, I miss...
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    One last time through the tunnel?

    Those trips I took give me just chills thinking about them. Having that stripped away this year is terrible! I like your idea, and I think this needs to be mentioned and talked about for next year.
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    Hospitality Room

    I can feel the meat sweats already!!
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    Columbus City League

    Congrats to the Ridge Team and STAFF!! Great Job!
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    Season Length

    Negative Ghost rider. Who is Toohey?
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    Season Length

    If you don't want to participate in the discussion, keep it moving.
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    Season Length

    Lots of great points by everyone. Exactly why I started the thread. It will be interesting to see how things shake out, especially if we are seeking a new venue.