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    2020 Three Rivers Athletic Conference (TRAC) Predictions

    To be exact in swimming St. Francis is great in swimming and does a great job recruiting and Ross or Findlay finish 2nd or 3rd every year in boy. Ross girls finish 1st or 2nd every year with St Ursula winning last year and being their top contender in girls.
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    Top Ohio 8th graders and high schools

    covidsucks, I think you suck as much as covid. IMO You know nothing about wrestling and you just showed your ignorance. Some of the best football players ever were good wrestling, the two sports go together. You're on hear to just agitate so just take your ATTITUDES and stay off wresting forum...
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    Napoleon D-3 District Rankings #5

    I have seen and know the Gibsonburg wrestlers well. Yes about 5 have had some funk and all should be back this week. I do believe Smith at 220 has pinned Cole this year, also I think you may fine 138 and diffidently 145 will move up spots, at 170 Whetsel is their backup Arrigia will be back and...
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    Napoleon D-4 District Rankings #4

    I think Gibsonburg is a top 6 team. I think Spoores would be #5 at 195, Smith in the top 5 at 220 and Halbisen #4 at 285.
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    Lima CC Thunderbird Classic

    6 Mats 1 Gym
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    Ohio HS with their own pool

    IN Northwest Margaretta Perkins Sandusky Napoleon I think its Southview not Northview and its a 50 meter not yards. Fremont Ross is by far the best and newest.
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    Lakota D-3 District Rankings (Off-Season #5)

    That's not 100% true, the administration said no at first but or reconsidering. Also I know Defiance has put in for it again.
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    Lakota D-3 District Rankings (Off-Season #5)

    Blevins of SMCC is at Perkins this year.
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    10-0 and not in playoffs

    I also see Northwood is 6-0 and 9th in D5. Their Non Conference games was Mohawk who was 10-0 last year, Woodmore 0-10 last year but 7 miles away, Ottawa Hills is 4-2 and Antwerp 0-6 whom Gibsonburg picked up after St.Marys dropped 11 man in mid August, Antwerp was 6-4 last year and closest...
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    Utica Invitational 1-27

    Heard there is 14 teams at Utica on the 27th does anyone know the teams?
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    West Jefferson Invite 12-29, 12-30

    Does anyone know all teams there? UP to 21 is there more? West Jefferson Adena Eastwood East Clinton Harrison Central Logan Elm Hillsboro Madison Plains Piqua Southeastern Circleville West Holmes Holland Springfield Fairfield Union Franklin Westerville Central Westland Jonathon Alter London...
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    St. X Team

    Is Carson Foster swimming this year for X or is he swimming club again?
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    St. X team

    Is Carson Foster swimming this year for X or just doing club again?
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    Any predictions on the Need Reed Invite this week

    Any predictions this week Ned Reed finals?
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    West Jefferson Invite Dec. 29-30

    Does anyone know the teams that will be their this year? So boro or bucksman can give us info.