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    Has anyone seen this?

    He is exactly correct on this point. And the point about NFHS never switching to freestyle. Not everyone refs, competes, coaches or is around FR/GR styles, but everyone involved with the sport of wrestling is involved in Folkstyle. I'd say 95% of FR/GR referees and coaches also coach folkstyle.
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    Has anyone seen this?

    Normally people who live in the folkstyle world and start following more freestyle do normally start thinking it doesn't make sense or think things are a bit weird or hard to officiate. But once you really start to follow it you realize freestyle is easier to follow and even to ref. Folk and...
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    Has anyone seen this?

    I am not suggest we just make an abrupt change right to it but at least start transitioning to it. Most Coaches I know who are worth anything are hardworkers and adapt to things like that. I think it would be an easier transition than most people think but would still take some time.
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    Has anyone seen this?

    I have an easy solution to this. Girls wrestling should be freestyle. Girl do not wrestle folkstyle except when high schools make them during folkstyle season. Women's college wrestling is freestyle. They are not even wrestling the style that they will in college. It makes no sense for girls to...
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    NEW Rankings - February 2

    I mean at the end of the day it's just one man's opinion. But I appreciate he takes the time to do it. I don't see anyone else making an effort to come out with weekly rankings. I think overall he does a solid job. Nobody is gonna perfectly rank everyone.
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    DIII Coshocton District

    Alexander per borofan: 106 #28 Anthony Lovejoy - Chesapeake 113 #28 Dayland Thomas - Huntington 120 None ranked 12 #15 Andrew Huck - Bidwell River Valley 132 #21 Todd Fouts - Trimble 138 #25 Justin Stump - Bidwell River Valley 145 #11 Nathan Cadle - Bidwell River Valley 152 #16 Haden...
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    Sectional & District Tournament Regulations

    It would but unfortunately even if the OHSAA wanted to do this it is an NFHS regulation and there's not much they can do to get around that.
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    2020-21 State From Ohio Wrestling News

    It is possible to select Locations around Columbus that are NOT in Franklin County. And after football I think it would be wise to select locations outside Franklin for that exact purpose.
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    There are already girls basketball games and boys basketball games being competed right now. I’m not sure that the pause is coming from the state or the OHSAA.
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    West Virginia has always been more restrictive than Ohio as far as sports go. West Virginia is a good bell weather for Ohio because whatever they do Ohio is most likely not going to as far or be as restricted as them.
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    Jonathan Alder tournament 1/22,1/23 needs teams

    Is that Bidwell River Valley or Caledonia River Valley?
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    Ironman 2020 Officially Cancelled

    While it is sad to see Iron Man canceled it does not mean there is no hope for the rest of the state. I would be willing to bet this tournament was canceled because of the nightmare that would occur if contact tracing had to be done. Iron Man brought people from almost every state in the US...
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    We have been Cleared for Launch( I believe)

    This is utterly false. 50% of children will not suffer permanent heart damage. Hardly any will suffer heart permanent heart damage. Stop spreading lies.
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    Mike DeWine

    You mean myocarditis. A heart condition that can be the result of any viral infection as well as many other bacterial and fungal infections and not just Covid-19. It’s not pretty bad. Most cases of myocarditis are mild and resolves themselves. Athletes are at risk to this this from any viral...
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    Coaching directory -- Please review

    Division 3 Bidwell River Valley Coach Matthew Huck