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    Week 1: Marion Local @ Indian Hill

    Is it too early to predict a score in this one?
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    OHSFCA Top 25 Playoff teams

    Prior to 2019, when was the last time only one private won a state title in a particular year?
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    What’s the pay for a high school football head coach?

    I guess I hadn’t even thought of the considerable offseason commitments. Dang - their pay might be below minimum wage when all of it is taken into account. So might the highest paid coach make 12k as his football salary?
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    Division II State Championship: Massillon Washington (14-0) vs. La Salle (12-2)

    Why is it that any thread involving Massillon goes on forever, and contains some of the most vitriolic back and forth in all of yappidom? I’m not complaining btw, because I find many of the posts highly entertaining ( if not Mr. Rogers approved). So I guess I’m kinda encouraging y’all to carry...
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    What’s the pay for a high school football head coach?

    And does a coach see any pay during the season - or must he wait until Nov or even the end of the school year?
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    What’s the pay for a high school football head coach?

    I have no reason to start this thread other than curiosity. My guess is that head coaches (and their assistants) are greatly underpaid throughout the state and across the country. I know they put in dozens of hours each week - maybe 35-40 hours for a head coach. So what’s the pay, for...
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2020

    Great for the Flyers to schedule a game. I guess it’s a bit farther drive than, say, to Fort Loramie, but at least ML has found an opponent. And my son lives about 12 minutes away from the IH stadium, so I’ll have a place to stay the night!
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    I (selfishly) want the WBL to go to a two-game non conference schedule in weeks 1 and 2, and then schedule a bunch of WBL vs MAC games. I believe Versailles vs Celina and Coldwater vs Kenton have been good series for years. I would think more such series would be good also, unless victories...
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    Division V State Championship: Kirtland (14-0) vs. Ironton (13-1)

    I was highly impressed by Kirtland's fundamental play against Ironton - seemed like superb "reading" of the play by all eleven defensive players on every snap ... they did not give ground when blocked, got off blocks well, and flew to the ball quickly. And great blocking on offense.
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    Division VII State Championship: Marion Local (12-2) vs. Lucas (13-1)

    Even if this was actually said (and I have no idea if it was or not), posting such a quote benefits no one. It only causes hard feelings.
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    State Championship Updates (Marion Local vs. Lucas)

    In reality, would any coach pursue this? I believe a coach with an extremely strong team would be licking his chops thinking of a state championship in the division his team is assigned. He wouldn't risk losing, particularly in the early rounds, in the playoffs simply to see how well his team...
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    State Championship Updates (Marion Local vs. Lucas)

    Surprising that Lucas has quite a few more passing yards than ML.
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    State Championship Updates (Marion Local vs. Lucas)

    Best player on the field might be Niswander - if he had time he could pick a defense apart with his arm.
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    State Championship Updates (Marion Local vs. Lucas)

    Fleck gets a lot of his yards after contact.
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    State Championship Updates (Marion Local vs. Lucas)

    Late hit really hurts Lucas