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    D2/R6 Official 2021 Thread

    Agree with all, and Avon Lake comes to Avon in two weeks, so there will be a measuring stick for both.
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    D2/R6 Official 2021 Thread

    It was an impactful week in the region. Work has kept me busy, so it will be Wednesday when I can do the recap and new picks. I still have Avon and TCC as the favorites, but they were both breaking in too many newbies to get past two of this year’s D1 heavyweights (St Ed’s and Medina), but...
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    Huge win for Hamilton! Didn’t think they could take down a big dog without Vogel on the mound. Unfortunately, due to Little League rules, nobody will get to see Vogel…or South Dakota’s amazing Gavin Weir…pitch again unless the final gets delayed to Monday.
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    All-time heartbreaking defeat your team suffered

    Avon was D4 in 2004. Lost to Coldwater in the playoffs that year.
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    All-time heartbreaking defeat your team suffered

    1996 D5 state semifinal. Avon had a powerful running game and a stout D, led by LB Zach Mitchell (still the best Avon football player I’ve ever seen). I didn’t think anyone in D5 was going to stop Avon in the playoffs, but they lost in the semifinals 21-14 to Marion Pleasant. Pleasant went on...
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    College Football Conference Shuffling

    I think it’s mostly about having a bigger voice in playoff talk and media rights deals. Sticking together as one gives them more power than each going it alone.
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    2021 Cleveland Browns Thread

    Anything the Browns ever get from Delpit, Greedy and looney Takk should be considered a bonus.
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    New Look Southwestern Conference 2021

    Solid picks and great job on the Week 1 picks. I agreed with all of your first week picks. I have one different pick this week…maybe two. I think Avon’s running game will eat enough clock to limit Medina’s possessions and the Eagles D will do enough to get Avon the win. The Avon kids have...
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    What would your dream conference be?

    Avon Avon Lake Berea-Midpark Brunswick Elyria Medina Olmsted Falls Strongsville
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    2021 Three Rivers Athletic Conference...Who wins the title?

    They will be 2-0.
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    Greater Cleveland Conference 2021

    Yes, the expanded playoffs change a lot of things as far as league membership goes. I was just looking at travel and quite frankly to help improve the league situation for Avon, Avon Lake and Olmsted Falls.
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    New Look Southwestern Conference 2021

    That would be good for the GCC. I was just looking for a way to help out the GCC western schools and also to help out some of the smaller SWC schools.
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    D2/R6 Official 2021 Thread

    Yes, Valley Forge has an impressive offense and one of the best RB’s in Ohio, but I don’t think Amherst will win many games this year. I do, however, expect VF to be in the playoffs and possibly win a game or two with the right match ups.
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    University of Akron football program hit with NCAA sanctions for ‘impermissible benefits’

    They, and much of the MAC…as well as many schools in the Sun Belt, WAC and some other Group of Five leagues really should consider FCS level football. Cuts down the expense and is commensurate with the local interest/attendance.
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    Greater Cleveland Conference 2021

    Very true. I actually explored a couple scenarios in the Southwestern Conference thread.