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    STVM Malaki Branham commits to Ohio State

    I moved back to NE Ohio about 4 years ago. I only saw Meechie as a freshman, and was really impressed with what I saw from John Hughley the last few years, but I saw Branham twice last year, he is the best talent I have seen in NE Ohio the last few years. I will mention the recent video I have...
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    Infatuation with wood bat tourneys?

    I would advise all baseball players over the age of 12-13 to practice the majority of the time with wood and save the metal bat for game use only. Hitting with wood made me a better hitter. Smaller sweet spot, chance of breaking, improved mechanics due to the weight distribution. After working...
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    Ohio's tournaments...coronavirus may throw a wrench into it

    You sir are the definition of a hero. What we need is more people like you.
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    OHSAA Tournaments to Continue with Limited Spectators

    H1N1 is a poor comparison to the coronavirus. Not a good example.
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    OHSAA Tournaments to Continue with Limited Spectators

    Google is your friend. No millions have not died from Ebola. HIV isn't as contagious. It is hard to take you comment seriously because it has a lot of holes.
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    Ohio's tournaments...coronavirus may throw a wrench into it

    LOL good for you. You deserve a medal for your courage.
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    D2 Canton Regional

    If SVSM should be D1 than so should LE LOL. I have seen all the top teams in Cleveland/Akron at least once, and LE is as talented with their top 5-7 players as any team I have seen this year. There are some outstanding duos and trios, like on SVSM, Ed's, Mentor, etc but it seemed like LE...
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    Ohio's tournaments...coronavirus may throw a wrench into it

    Do you think the OHSAA should have ignored the governor's request?
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    Euclid District 2020

    Not everyone would be up in arms on here, that is the point people are trying to make. It doesn't matter to me if Mentor, Heights, Brush, Shaker etc. did or does that stuff, some people get more bent out of shape about it than others. Do I support the actions of the Brush players after the...
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    3/7 Tournament Scores

    D1 Euclid Mentor 71 Brush 69
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    3/5 Tournament Scores

    Final D1 Euclid District Brush 49 Cleveland Heights 44
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    3/4 Tournament Scores

    Lutheran East will obviously test them if they meet next week.
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    Cleveland Heights removed from the Post Season by OHSAA

    I have a problem with you making a big assumption/take about a community and a school district then next comment you admit your ignorance about CH and admit you know very little about them and judging on one event LOL. Judging someone of something on one event with limited knowledge personally...
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    Do we need a shot clock in Ohio high school basketball

    Exactly! The first "A" in OHSAA stands for athletic. It isn't and s for strategy. It goes against the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. You are basically admitting you are not athletic enough to compete so you need to stall and come up with a gimmick. Seems a bit cowardly IMO. Generally...
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    2019-20 Mr Basketball Candidates

    I have seen a few 30 pt games. I saw Hugley from Lyndhurst Brush score 32 and he scored 52 last week.