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    Ohio's version of "Hoosiers"

    I was thinking the 1992 (I think that's the year) Berlin Hiland basketball team and their dramatic come from behind win again Lima Central Catholic. That may have been the semi-final but nonetheless it was an awesome game and they won the state championship. Granted it wasn't like Indiana's...
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    Should the Columbus City league make like the Senate league?

    Why? The Senate teams have had to do that due to "issues" at their games. Are Columbus schools having issues where the police need to come in? Friday afternoon/Saturday morning is sad and should be a last resort IMO
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    Watterson to play at Ohio Dominican

    I assume since they put down big bucks for the "back field project" that they are not in the market for a football stadium. If anyone is familiar with Cathedral Prep in Erie, they took out some all factories and built a nice sports complex due to space limitations. Watterson is in a different...
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    Replacing your rival (hypothetical)

    Like most places there are good parts and bad parts. Ready is actually in a decent a location I'd feel safe to have my kids in. Now, a few miles east and it's a different story. Your reaction is the reason why I raise this question.
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    Replacing your rival (hypothetical)

    Sorry to change the subject but has there been any thought given to move Ready's campus to where all the growth is happening in that part of Columbus? Let me say, I do feel Ready high school is in a nice area but when people in Columbus hear "Hilltop" or "west side" there is a negative...
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    Worst Place to Live in Ohio

    Why do you all fall for click bait sites?
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    Middle School softball question - PITCHING

    My daughter pitches at 43' for her summer team and from what I understood it is universal for all 13 & 14U players. I was about to send a note to the diocese, as she plays for her school team, to get it moved from 40' - 43' throughout their rec ball league. In doing my research for this and...
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    Great/Unique/Sad softball facilities

    Hey there, The football forum had a great thread on unique or quirky football stadiums. I am wondering if any have thoughts on softball fields? Obviously softball doesn't have the same attraction as football, basketball, or even baseball but as I start getting into state high softball I...
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    Columbus Bishop Ready

    I am not sure this is the right forum for this post since this is more about the future of the school. I am an outsider looking into the location of Bishop Ready. It is located in a completely residential section of the westside of Columbus but it seems to lag behind the other schools in terms...
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    Cleveland St. Joseph 1966-1969

    Hello, I watched an old Villa Angela-Saint Joseph video and a gentlemen stated they did not lose a game in his 4 years at Joe’s. I know they had success but not to that level. Can anyone confirm this? Also, is there any references to old ohio school records? TIA
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    What happened to Watterson?

    If this question has been asked before I apologize for asking again but I didn’t see it addressed. I know Watterson has a new coach this year but it seems like it’s been a downhill slide for a number of years now. I’m not looking to bash anyone but am really curious what happened? Is Hagley the...