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    Elder Baseball 2020

    Sandhas is playing football at Thomas Moore
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    Elder Football 2019

    Congratulations to Drew Beckenhaupt for committing to Toledo
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    Between X / Elder taking a few and 3 or so to bacon and 1 going to Moeller for bball.
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    With all the rumors on some of the traditional kids not going to Lasalle from the feeders, we will have to wait and see on their numbers. seems high to me
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    I don't and it wont be public until the new school year starts.
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    Just sharing the numbers that was published and agree quantity doesn't extend to an overall strategy.
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    The freshman counts for the current school year at the beginning of the school year for Lasalle was 126, Elder 185 and Moeller 207 if that gives you some perspective.
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    Peyton Ramsey has entered The Transfer Portal

    That's the most ridiculous thing that you can post. Who gives a crap where players go and who elder faces.
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    Enrollment Numbers 2020 - 2021

    He and the kid from Dryridge are going to Moeller for certain.
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    Enrollment Numbers 2020 - 2021

    I think alot has to do with what financial aid they can get or offered through the services 3rd party type offers but really don’t know. The early registration period as an example with seton last year they were limited to offer families outside of the period money or scholarships.
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    Enrollment Numbers 2020 - 2021

    They are at 186-190 as of Friday.
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    Enrollment Numbers 2020 - 2021

    I think this is the last larger class for Visi or it might be next years class.
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    Three Rivers - Taylor High School

    Saw this today.
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    Elder Football 2020

    Talk about an exciting weekend for Elder High School and the national representation we had by former players. 6 in total who over a four day period either participated in the games or made a significant contribution to their teams performance. Micheal Bittner - Tennessee Football - He's...
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    Donohoe Center Renovations Under Way

    Library for my years