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    Dublin Coffman next year

    What two or more starters does Eds have coming in the new incoming freshman class?
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    High school tournaments this season

    Wish they postpone season till spring. At least the kids would have a better chance of having a season. Too many kids getting it now.
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    COVID-19 testing

    So only get tested if you have symptoms? If you choose to live by that way of thinking then that's your prerogative. However, if anyone is around someone who has it then by all means get tested. Thets the only smart responsible thing to do. Testing is not the reason for an increase in...
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    COVID-19 testing

    Stop getting tested??? Huh? Maybe u can walk around with an illness or disease but if me or my family possibly has anything then we will go to the doctor like we always have and figure out what's wrong and then treat it. I'm not walking around sick nor letting anybody else. That's insane that...
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    Wrestling on hold?

    I agree. Bars, restaurants and fitness center closings are imminent. These numbers aren't going down.
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    More cancellations in other states

    Stop with the divisive talk. Enough already!!! Stop blaming left vs right. Who cares. Democrats do things that are questionable. So do republicans. Stop acting like one side is perfect and the other is to blame.
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    OHSAA Winter Recommendations

    i agree. a lot of people are talking about duals with 8 teams, etc. if these numbers stay up then i don't see that many people in a gym. my guess is nothing bigger than a quad. if a season occurs at all then everyone should just be grateful for anything. also, i wonder how an individual...
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    Medina beats St Edward

    22 players on a football field with very close proximity to each other. Wrestling there are just 2 common sense tells me the higher probability is where?
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    Medina beats St Edward

    Huh? Football is OK but wrestling is worse? Logic makes no sense. Football has the highest probability of spreading Corona virus
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    Medina beats St Edward

    I agree 100% with this post. You see it in the nfl, college and hs. You cannot win with no qb. Eds has no qb due to the lack of the coach willing to pass or is it due to the lack of talent? I knew they wouldn't compete for a state title this year nor will they for many years with this...
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    an individual coaches proposal for 20/21

    That is no longer valid. That was back in August.
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    OHSAA Winter Recommendations

    Nothing new in the report.
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    Do you think Governor DeWine will ease up on attendance restrictions?

    There's no logic to allow more people. Sports are for the kids and not fans. Kids need to stay in school or get in school. Prevent the spread is more important. There's no argument for more fans that is more vital than the reasons for limits that I listed.
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    Wrestling and COVID-19 (yet another thread)

    well said!
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    Wrestling and COVID-19 (yet another thread)

    I'm not excusing anybody behavior. Nor making excuses. I don't speak on subject matters that I don't have enough info on. 1. Who supports rioting? I've never heard one official or party say hoorah for rioters or looters. Why do you have to label someone as left or right or whatever just...