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    Eastern Buckeye Conference 2019-20

    Friday, December 13 games Marlington (2-2) @ Carrollton (2-1) Minerva (2-1) @ Canton South (1-3) Alliance (0-2) @ Salem (0-2) Canfield @ West Branch (4-0)
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    Dover Basketball 2019-2020

    Minerva AT Dover tonight! Should be a good season for the Tornadoes. Win #1 (hopefully) tonight against an inexperienced Lion team.
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    Beaver Local (1-1) At Minerva (0-2)

    The move may help them in that regard (for now) but staying in the EBC doesnt help them gather points. There are some bad teams that they will beat up on year in and year out. 2-3 teams every year yield little to no points for others.
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    Beaver Local (1-1) At Minerva (0-2)

    no one wants to kick them out. I think they should want to get out because of the growing difference in size vs the rest of the league. Alliance might roll through the EBC, finish 8-2 and not make the playoffs because they are not gaining enough points from D4 teams. Alliance is D2 in football...
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    Beaver Local (1-1) At Minerva (0-2)

    Lion86, Maybe you should take your own advice! If you dont like what they have to say then dont read their posts----- This is an opinion based forum after all, right!