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    100,000 cases of coronavirus already in Ohio

    Better yet just sell some of them to Indiana.
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    NBC debate moderator---- announces topics for debate

    Won't matter. Trump will still be Trump.
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    Yahoo....the Dems friend.

    Yahoo does not own Business Insider.
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    Yahoo....the Dems friend.

    Yappi should pony up some cash to Warner. You people are...
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    Coca-Cola is discontinuing Tab after nearly 60 years

    A pop culture reference from Back to the Future bites the dust. Any chance for New Tab lol
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    Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic spreads from China to US

    Lotty = long winded old man yells at cloud
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    Biden Son May be Ending Daddy's President bid

    The fake news that's spawned 5? 6? threads in the Arguements Amongst Idiots forum. lol I love the smell of desperation on a Thursday.
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    Biden’s emails

    He already tried that with the payroll tax deferral that went over like a lead ballon.
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    Biden’s emails

    About the same time as all the taxpayer money being dropped on Trump properties is returned.
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    The Great Barrington Declaration: The Future of Covid Response

    This the one with the fake signatures?
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    30 years of conditioning via Gingrich/Limbaugh.
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    ^^^^^^ covfefe
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    Something is up

    The cons are no different.
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    Trump taxes revealed

    Trump Tower Minimum Security Prison has a nice ring to it.