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    The Walking Dead is Back!

    Nearly 10.5 years apart according to the following links TWD. Fear
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    The Walking Dead is Back!

    But then TWD made a huge time jump. One timeline I saw awhile back had them like 10 years a part.
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    The Walking Dead is Back!

    Morgan was in episode 1.
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    I'll take more of this kind of Star Wars every time.
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    The Walking Dead is Back!

    At long last....the end is nigh.
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    Republicans promised to fix the economy and stop illegal immigrants, their first action will be?
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    Democratic violent city updates

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    The wait for a skirmish between ships was worth it. 😊
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    At least they got the required Beth verbally assaults someone at a bar and Jamie in his office scenes out of the way early.
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    Election Deniers go down hard

    Unintentionally and with a self own.
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    Ohio sues Dollar General

    Gonna need a cashier anyways when the price is wrong.
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    2022 Dead Celebs/Athletes

    John Aniston
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    How Andor is using the camera to its advantage.
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    From yesterday you know what the saddest thing was?

    The binary red or blue map used for election coverage disguises quite a bit of purple.
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    45 minutes into the new season.... Must be a heatwave in January. lol