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    What will next year and years after look like?

    I respectfully disagree. Acton actually admitted she does not have enough data. Ohio has not tested enough for whatever reason. They are not doing the epidemiology (again her admission). Big decisions need to be made by facts. In the last four days we have hovered around 300 to 248 new...
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    Trump's COVID 19 Failure

    I think Wilson was giving himself a stroke trying to get us into the League back then but your point is spot on.
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    Iowa BEGINS HS Baseball May 4!

    Like I said, Ohio is pretty unique as far as a northern state starting in mid to late march. We could start a little later. Finish the season a little later and squeeze more games during the week for the tourney.
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    Pay the man and the women too who coach baseball (if there are any) and softball
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    Summer and travel ball ?

    I am thinking that the high school season will happen in May in Ohio. Travel Ball will happen in June. It all depends on the states where the tourneys are scheduled. As far the shutdown. Watch the incremental numbers. In the past four days Ohio has leveled off. if that keeps up and we...
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    I hope they get paid. They planned to coach and there cold be opportunity lost otherwise.
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    Will there be a season?

    I think the confirmed number of cases is a useful proxy. the good news is that the last few days, there has been a leveling off of new cases. Lets cross our fingers that we reached the peak. if we can just hang in there for next two weeks, I like our chances. The nice weather is helpful too...
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    Will there be a season?

    Turns out that in our case this answer is wrong. Our coaches are just very confused about what no contact means and they are starting to contact the boys with a pep talk and workouts making clear that they are not to get together in groups to do this.
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    OHSAA Softball to the Fall?

    This is what Indiana does. Many of their schools go all year around.
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    Will there be a season?

    The don't have the data. They are admitting it. Hopefully, they will change their minds about some things as the data gets clearer.
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    Will there be a season?

    The WHO (World Health Org) said the way to go about this is with testing and strategically isolating but Ohio really has not done this. My biggest fear about this is if it turns out to not be close to the numbers she has thrown out there, will people listen anymore moving forward? Also did you...
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    Will there be a season?

    send your workouts to me. My kid's high school coaches are not in contact at all.
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    Will there be a season?

    The peak has moved forward. Dr. Acton finally admitted that she does not have the testing data nor is Ohio doing the work of following the contact after being found positive. She is anticipating 6K to 8k a day in 2 weeks. That is a lot. she said 2 weeks ago that 100k already had the...
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    Will there be a season?

    They are not doing enough testing and Dr. Acton's models are not matching up with her predictions They really don't know how many have or had the virus (just as important) and where the hot spots are. She said two weeks ago that 100K had the virus and with death rate of 3% we were looking at...
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    I thought that some DAs were allowing high school soccer (like in Virginia?) But neither have any relationship with the pro league. Thank you for your reply.