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    2022-23 GCL Co-Ed Baseball

    He also works with college pitchers but he did leave 2 years ago to focus on his business and had a family etc....
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    Open HS Jobs

    The guy X hired has been an assistant baseball coach for X off and on for years. In fact, one might say that he was the secret sauce for X when they were good. But he got out of it when they hired the guy that came from Fenwick. He then went on to help coach the swimming team. He knew...
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    Open HS Jobs

    Ask any of your friends that are X alumnus about the school's attitude concerning financial support.... It is about control. If they cannot control the money, they would rather not have the donation. And there is the appearance thing that they are always worried about too. They don't want...
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    Open HS Jobs

    Interesting but not surprising. Don't know if X is really committed to having another program after swimming and football. I know that Steve has run into more issues than you would imagine and he has won and played in multiple state championships. For example Kuechly offered to Dome that...
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    D 1 private schools?

    I have said this before and I am an X guy. This opinion is also not popular with the private school guys. The five or six big private schools in Ohio should break off from the OHSAA and do their own thing with other large private schools in the region. It would free them up from the constant...
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    Open HS Jobs

    Badin coach is not going anywhere unless X makes an offer that he cannot refuse. Maybe Keith, the bench coach from Moeller and Cincinnati Christian. Just spit ballin'
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    Open HS Jobs

    Cannot disagree with you more about the underachievement. Just in the class of 2020 alone had four high level D1 players. Hundley, Hudepol (who expected to be drafted in the third round his senior year if covid had not hit), Jones and another fellow who is now at OSU but initially went to GT...
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    Open HS Jobs

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    Open HS Jobs

    Coach Sherlock may have been a great guy and class individual but his teams dramatically underachieved. The amount of hi level D1 talent that has flowed through those halls in the last 4 years would make your head spin. In my opinion this was a situation similar to what happened to Scott...
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    Will Cincinnati St. Xavier go winless in 2022?

    X looked incredibly slow, lethargic and unprepared on Sunday. Don't if it was the travel or what but I give Steve the benefit of the doubt and he will get the most out of what he has. But Moe looks strong and West is very talented.
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    Huber Heights Wayne @ Fairfield

    Being told that the Fairfield offensive line has some good size and is strong. Will be interesting to see what kind of offense Fairfield will run this year.
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    What is a good age for youth players to start getting one-on-one paid lessons?

    yes. It is a running joke on the board. There are many.
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    Travel Softball

    I started a program like this. Good on you Mr. Yappi.
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    Baseball question - for your team, who calls the pitches, the coach, the pitcher, the catcher? Who should?

    Ideally the pitchers should call their game. What is usually missing is the guidance to call their game. Instead of providing guidelines for pitcher nd catchers and coaching between innings, coaches just want to call the game. It can get pretty heated between pitchers and coaches about...