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    WW coaching search!

    I thought maybe wing t Stevie could have brought a different game and energy to the area. They could have little mustaches in the student section. Maybe bike shorts night for homecoming? He used to have a neat tradition of playing tackle football with the Mom’s after the Miamisburg games. WW...
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    WW coaching search!

    Steve Chanel the old Miamisburg coach would be a great fit at Winton Woods! HOF coach with a proven track record of success, works closely with parents! Could be a huge hire for WW. Get on that train before it’s too late!
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    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    I haven’t heard anyone mention the old coach at Tipp that is their OC. I was knee deep in a haircut and a guy told me that their OC is big Rick Roberts. He’s been a head coach and is in the coaching hall of fame? Could be a dark horse if they want stability in an experienced coach. I still...
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    Benedictine 2021

    His breaking ball needs some work though!
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    2020 MVL Football

    I thought that this thread was deceased. I was preparing a funeral so that we could pay our respects. It was going to be a beautiful ceremony. The pallbearers were going to be TIG, rooster, butler parent, yak yak, ghsknight, watcher. Bulldog could put together a nice playlist. Derge could be an...
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    Whose up for the Lakeview Head FB

    Boron would’ve been a better hire imo
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    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    I’m just curious what makes carter the right guy? I truly don’t know and I am asking. I’m not sure what his record is and what his coaching experience is. I know he was good in college. It appears that Northwestern people like him and the job he’s done. With not being a teacher, that might be a...
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    Mentor Cardinals Football 2021

    In your opinion, what was the best Mentor team ever?
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    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    Not sure how Vandalia would feel about the split veer, but Herman Boone would be a good fit. Bring in some discipline with it. Offensive minded coach.
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    Buchtel Coaching Job

    Herman Boone would be a good fit. Offensive minded. Likes the split veer.
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    Orrville Football

    Runs a hardware store on the edge of town. Best prices around.
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    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    That could be another reason to hire VB’s OC. If he’s from Burgbacher’s coaching tree, he’s probably picked up some of his tricks + what he learned at a successful college program. He’s familiar with the area and at least knows the name of the current players. Probably would know who on staff to...
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    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    I don’t know. I heard he was well respected and liked. So, hopefully he is at a good spot
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    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    Did anyone actually find out why Puckett left? I heard they told him to stop lifting so early, so he was going to bring them in after dinner hours and it wasn’t well received by administrators. Another guy told me he got fired over a parking spot. Said he kept parking in the AD’s spot. I don’t...
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    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    Has Meeks applied? He used to apply for every job in the area. What about the old Dunbar coach? What’s he doing nowadays? What about the coach from Stebbins? Bonify or something like that? Stebbins can’t be a destination job and will likely turn back into a pumpkin this year or next. Someone...