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    Brush leaving WRC

    Aurora is the ideal fit. Tallmadge and Kent to the Metro Conference then Springfield and Field to the PTC .
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    Football Scrimmages August 21 and 22

    Waynedale has a scrimmage at 6 on Friday
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    Springfield hot seat

    they do not belong in the metro, better the county
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    Pac 2019

    It is a shame that PTC will not take the CVCA, they say CVCA is to big for the conference.
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    Mantua Crestwood drops 4 sports

    Most of schools in that they will play in CVC do not bring crowds other than Kirtland. Not a good Choice
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    PTC County

    I knew that last winter
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    PTC County

    Good hire at Field
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    PTC County

    Field belongs in the county with Springfield. The powers of the two feel that they belong in the metro. Only sports that Field is good in is baseball, softball and volleyball. The head of the Field school system lives in Huron .
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    PTC County

    Field coach moving ot of state
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    PTC County

    Did Rootstown find a game week 9?
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    PTC County

    Commissioner of the PTC assign officials he does not run the conference.
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    PTC County

    there is a commissioner of the PTC
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    PTC County

    Good article in the Record Courier today on the PTC
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    North Coast League Memorial Thread

    CVCA needs a conference that has a junior high program
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    PTC County

    They have a superintendent at Field that lives in Huron, they say he only their 3 days a week. Baseball team could have a press box from a donor, he said no.