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    What time is Thanksgiving dinner at your house?

    Heard a couple people have it as early as 3-330. We eat about six. Normal dinner time.
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    Where does Trump go from here?

    I do predict one thing ad it seems like it is already coming true. The GOP could have a top notch A+ candidate who might even be leading all the polls but the media will obsess over Trump no matter what.
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    What network will you watch election night?

    ABC? FOX? CNN? MSNBC? CBS? NBC? FOXNEWS? Ball St-Toledo on ESPN? Miami-Ohio on ESPN2? OTHER?
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    Chagrin Valley Conference standings

    Looking for standings for all three divisions. Conference and overall. TIA
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    Suburban league 2022

    By any chance does someone have conference records for the league?
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    Mid-State League 2022

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    Mid-State League 2022

    Trying to find final standings for the league. Can anyone help?
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    Division I needs to be expanded

    I am not saying 600+ is the magic number but if you go to 800+ then D1 only has 24 schools and several schools that have been highly successful in D1 recently become D2. Colerain, Pickerington Central, Huber Heights Wayne,....
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    Division I needs to be expanded

    I've been in favor of permanent enrollment boundaries for divisions Something like: 600 plus boys=D1 450-599=D2 and so on. Yes, the divisions would be imbalanced, but I'd also be in favor of a fixed percentage make the playoffs. Forty maybe?
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    Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville to fold

    I have been a big proponent of re-aligning diocese across the country. Populations have seriously changed since they were set up. In my world the Church should follow the House of Representatives. Decide how many dioceses we need. Take the total Catholic population divide by that number and...
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    What is "Ravenna Arsenal" ?

    So no one actually lives there?
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    What is "Ravenna Arsenal" ?

    Looking at a map of school districts in Ohio I see something in east central Portage County called "Ravenna Arsenal" and in parentheses Not a School District. It is sandwiched between the Windham and Southeast SDs.
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    Why a 10 game season?

    Just curious. How many schools play football in CT?
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    Joe Eitel vs. OHSAA

    Thanks for the info. East Tech won't play 8 games so they are out. What about JFK and Hillcrest? Both scheduled (at the moment) for at least eight games.
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    Joe Eitel vs. OHSAA

    My bad. Mea culpa. I am questioning Cleveland JFK NOT Collinwood.