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    Andy Barba transferring from Benedictine to ISA

    This will not impact Andy's commitment to Miami.
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    Miami Redhawks - Horrible Loss

    BB not coming. What an exciting player he would have been. Signed and sealed. But not delivered.
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    Top-ranked team in the state...

    Leading Lebanon at halftime 35-18. Miami losing to Western Michigan. Cooper's last year? Maybe.
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    Open Enrollment

    Begins November 15th. Surely, this divisive topic will turn into a free-for-all!
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    Springboro Vs. Beavercreek Week 4

    Midway through the 3rd quarter, Mercy Rule in effect as Elijah (Richie) Cunningham and Boro leading Beavercreek 167-0. Whoops. Sorry. That's 44-0.
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    Zach Berry...

    Playing today for the Div 1 Singles Championship.
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    The Streak Is Over!

    Boro defeats Lebanon.
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    Springboro/ Lakota West Final

    54-34 Lakota West wins...Led by 19 at halftime and cruised.
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    Springboro-Miamisburg...It's a Blowout! No...Wait! Here Comes...

    Miamisburg 33 Springboro 18 at halftime..... Miamisburg 39 Springboro 35 after three quarters.... We have a game!
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    Springboro-Lebanon Sectional Finals.

    Halftime: Boro 14 Lebanon 10 Boro 24 Lebanon 19 Lebanon 22 Boro 20 One of these scores is correct.
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    Luke Kennard - Will Be Held Scoreless By Springboro???

    Scroll down to read why...
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    Springboro Tight-End Jordan Rigg Commits...

    A. to Ball State B. to Miami C. to Indiana as a preferred walk-on D. to Ohio University E. to Sinclair Community College The correct answer is......... B as in the Bee Movie!
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    Ohio Playoff Projections As Of November 1

    Unofficial of course.
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    Springboro (with new QB) Vs. Fairborn

    24-0 at halftime...Boro! New QB is young and talented. Old QB? Young, talented and...(take your pick).