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    Confirmed Covid Shutdowns- OHIO

    Oberlin high school?
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    Why was Jerry S. fired? (POLL)

    Some old b####y women that are extremely high maintenance and resentful in that office. Part of the swamp that needs drained. Fire them all.
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    Potential OHSAA Director Replacements

    Hey now, the beloved 3 stooges are too classy for ohsaa
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    Jerry Snodgrass Resigns Can't wait to here Jerry's response
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    It Was Time For A Change In OHSAA Leadership

    2 things: do we need another thread about this? And this guy is naive as hell or just plain dumb. Drain the swamp please......why is it when someone is not Plane Jane Mr. Cookie Cutter and always the same show, people cant handle it. Back to the old worthless ohsaa once again.
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    Jerry Snodgrass Resigns

    That's the only explanation....and jerry doesn't play that game. Too much integrity. "If we give you this much, you do what we want"......So Jerry leaves with his head held high. Can't say the same for the crooked board of directors
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    Jerry Snodgrass Resigns

    So Goldring will be the ohsaa savior? This will be fun to watch, get your popcorn.
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    #IWantASeason + Announcements Today

    By the way, if you can't handle politics, get out the kitchen. Snodgrass gets fired for stating true info about a lawsuit? politics there at all
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    #IWantASeason + Announcements Today

    You must be 12.......these NBAers find reasons to sit out all the time......we are supposed to follow their lead? Great idea smokey
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    #IWantASeason + Announcements Today bring Trump down because he isn't a career swamper.........if Biden is elected, virus suddenly disappears. Career swampers running our once proud country with no regard for the Constitution. Want to see the swamp drained? Re-elect our President......takes more than 4 years, but 8...
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    What mascot names are next?

    I would call all teams Tulips, Daiseys, and Violets........but we don't want to offend the flowers.
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    Ohio Spring football or no football?

    Sit football out for a year, let ohsaa fold, then bring it back. Easy tradeoff for me
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    Jerry Snodgrass Resigns

    If ohsaa folds, then don't play football. Easy tradeoff for me.
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    Ohio Spring football or no football?

    Ask leffingwell if you can find him in the hills of nobletucky.......he has all the answers