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    AP Poll 2/9/21 (FINAL POLL)

    I couldnt agree more! I know this poll means nothing but have some integrity when it comes to casting your vote. There were not even the #1 team in the Dayton area, let alone the #1 team in the state!
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    AP Poll 1/26/21

    I def understand that but at the same time it takes no time at all to look. They have loses to GWOC schools that other GWOC schools have throttled. But yet they still get a #1 vote in the AP poll......ridiculous!
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    AP Poll 1/26/21

    I'd love to know who is voting Bellbrook a #1 vote. They clearly haven't been watching any games or looking at scores.
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 5+

    Springfield Pick Central La Salle Alter Clinton Massie Roger Bacon Coldwater Marion Local
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    Regional Match Ups - Predictions/Thoughts SW OHIO

    From what I have heard, the SWDAB made the decision to use neutral sites per usual through the district finals. After that decision was made the OHSAA came out and made the decision that all games from the regional semis on would be played at home sites of the team on the top line of the...
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 4 +

    Springfield Miamisburg Xenia Mentor Pick Central Lakota West
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    Wednesday Games

    Definitely not how you want to go into tournament time. Hopefully the 2 with covid issues and the other non season ending injury are able to return soon.
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    Beavercreek 2 Centerville 2.

    From what I have heard the final 2 games do not count towards teams conference records. If that were the case they would be co-champions. Not saying I agree with this format but thats what I have heard. Regardless, the 3rd matchup on Thursday should be a good game!
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    GWOC Playoff Pick'em +

    Week 2 Coffman Northmont Liberty Wayne Bonus Games Fairfield Burg Beavercreek
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    Most lopsided first round game

    They also always throw out your best and worst vote when accumulating your total points.
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    GWOC Pick'em Regular Season Champ / GWOC Playoff Pick'em

    Coffman Boro Liberty Perrysburg Northmont Springfield Wayne Marysville
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    Final stretch numbers

    I think so, in theory the winners play the winners and the losers play the losers but I'm betting they had to go ahead and schedule both games just for logistical reasons. But ultimately they wanted the last 2 games of the year to be somewhat balanced based off the standings after the first 14...
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    Final stretch numbers

    Since 2 games against league only opponents only made 14 games, they waited to see how the standings looked after those games to determine the last 2 games. Trying to have those last 2 games with similar skill level opponents. The original thought was 1-4 and 5-8 have mini tournaments. 1v4, 2v3...
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    Last State poll before Tournament draw

    The tournament draw is this Sunday.
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    Last State poll before Tournament draw

    I believe you are correct with this statement.